The game is redeemable

Battlefront 2 had a horrible launch controversy, EA botched it almost as bad as MS botched Infinite’s launch. But they fixed it. Hopefully MS fixed this, it has so much potential


Battlefront 2 was always a bad game at it’s core, more content doesn’t fix bad balance and bugs that were there since day 1. Infinite has similar issues and is being run by a AAA studio that can’t make a working custom games system in 6 years.

What bugs that have been there since day 1? Care to explain all these bugs that have always been present?

Have you actually played BF2? for like any considerable amount of time?

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I’ve probably put in almost 2k hours. You?

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And yet you don’t remember the countless bugs across the game? vehicles? Grevious? Anakin? BF2 was a full stop disaster and had some absolutely horrible balance.

I don’t remember countless gamebreaking bugs. I know there were many minor bugs that were annoying when they popped up but they didn’t detract from how good the game was (after some time) If it was such a disaster, than it wouldn’t be one of the most loved SW games ever.

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I don’t see anyone claiming that pile of garbage as the most beloved, if anything the original Battlefront II triumphs over it without even trying.

One of the most loved. I can see you are just trolling now…

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The only ones claiming BF2 is good are blatant fanboys or have never played the originals to understand what Battlefront was about. Infinite is much in the same way.

Yeah but you also can’t deny that there is no Battlefront 3 either though!!!

This is EA we are talking about and the Star Wars license…the fact that a third hasn’t been produced…isn’t discussed…isn’t hyped about…says so much.

Didn’t ea loose the liscence rights while back? Or am I remembering that wrong

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BF2’s launch was botched by the ingame store - the bugs were not the issue that nearly killed the game.


There never was an original BF3 either. Must be those were bad too. :thinking:

DICE pitched a BF3 to EA and you wanna know what they said? No, because they would have to get a percentage to disney, which makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE because all their other SW games are the same way.

Ok troll

I believe you are correct.
They had it so long I forgot…

Anyway, still goes with the context of what I meant though.
Battlefield 3 should have been dropped by now.

or even better remake battlefront one and two and combine it into a package like MCC and released all together with battlefront 3.
Similar to MCC, Hitman 3, uncharted legacy etc…

But that is just me as a battlefront and star wars player.

my intentions were never to say that these modern ones were either. Might have came across that way. If so apologies, I have Battlefront 2 and played recently from the epic store. Great game at this point.
Just shows that the game was effected to the point of abandonment and I believe this was a known topic voiced by the bf community?

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Ah, my bad

It really has come a long way

It was, I dropped it myself within a few months after it came out. But I picked it back up after I heard that they were fixing it and I was really surprised. Played it ever since

I think pretty much everyone thinks the game is redeemable in some sort of way, or else they wouldn’t come to this place to complain.

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LOL man.
I read that, get invested, only to find out you talk about Battlefront 2 and not Battlefield 2. :joy:

Shadows of the Empire is the best Star Wars game.

I’d have to go with KOTOR