The game is just straight up unplayable

For the past 4 days I have been unable to sync my profile on halo 5, and when I did get through which was only once, I was unable to play a warzone game because of that damn “retrieving data” infinite loop bug, and then the game just -Yoink- itself halfway through and lagged like I have never seen. No it isn’t my connection, it works damn near perfect for any other game on my xbox. I also noticed that whenever I would try and edit my emblem colors, there was just no option for it whatsoever, so I’m just stuck with crappy default colors. I haven’t gotten any daily login packs at all, which is really the only reason to come back to the game in the first place and maybe play a game of firefight, but no. The excuse of servers halo 5 has won’t allow any of it. If this happens again tomorrow, I’m done trying to play this game.

They are working on fixing the issue; For now if you want to report what’s up you can do so here or here.