The game is Installed two times

Hello Guys and 343 !
I have a BIG problem !
I’m in France and buy my game today. I have CD, I install, launch and Download the UpDate. It’s okay, but, at the end of the UpDate, Windows Store say “An savage error apear”, and I Say “OMFG NOOOOOOOOOOO”. After 5 or 6 hours of downloading … And the UpDate relaunch at 0% … So, I search on the folder (like a PC gamer) and I un found the the game folder. But, all the files is lock, what ? Wtf dude ? All the PC games have the file open for fixe the problem alone ! But that not all ! The game is Installed two time on my PC ! And I can’t remove on of us because the files is lock, my Xbox apps did not find the game but I can lauche the game with Halo apps, but he need a UpDate. I want to play at this game !

So 343, Unlock the files, creat a file “laucher” for use it on the deskop … The games work like this on PC! I play all Halo, I play on Xbox, I’m a fresh PC gamer, but I feel like you are punishing me for being on PC … Ho sorry, a screen of my two games :

How I uninstall one of them ?
How I find the laucher ?

Thanks 343 for your futur help, and thanks gamers for your futur helps too !

Sorry for the English, I hope is understandable, is the most important ! I’m a French Fan !

To uninstall, either go to the Windows Store - Search Halo Wars 2 - Manage, and there should be Uninstall option or you can search (hold the windows key + s) and type in storage, locate Halo Wars 2.

(i don’t know if you will see two separate installs though, unless they are on separate Hard drives).

The launcher should be on the Windows start page, where it says Recently Installed.

Try installing the Halo app from Windows Store. I found that you can launch every Halo game installed from this one app. Seems odd, but it was the only way I could get HWDE to launch. I haven’t installed HW2 yet.