The Game is in Freefall

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So Chris Lee is out… let that sink in.

You cannot possibly spin this in a positive light. Maybe you could if he was the only studio leader to leave… but he isn’t.

Uny shows up on twitter to “clear up the story on coatings” and defend 343i as though they aren’t turtling. Lets be honest. 343 is 100% turtling.

The ONLY news we hear about infinite is bad, worse, or something we didn’t even come close to asking for.

I have said it a few times before here and I will say it again: Halo Infinite as a project is in complete freefall and should be canceled.

Cut your losses, disband the failing 343 (Halo 4 and 5 put the series in a horrible place, you can’t spin it to say halo is better now than it was a decade ago).

Cancel the project, get a new studio, and start over with transparency and honesty. Create a game that isn’t a disastrous meme. Nothing 343 releases or shows us before year’s end will make us feel better. If they had ground breaking gameplay/graphical updates - they would have surely shown us by now right? Instead they dangle 2 or 3 renders of spartans and warthogs and get mad at us for asking for more. Really?

Moderators who lock this thread are censoring truth and people who disagree are ignoring the plain facts that this project is in free fall mode.

343i want to prove us wrong? RELEASE SOMETHING!

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