The game is great stop saying its bad

the multiplayer is addicting even without a lot of playlists, they are listening now to our feedback and they are tuning/tweaking/adding a lot of things just check November sneak peak. Guys we have to accept change it won’t be like halo 3. Forge is coming in December, big team battle is coming in a week. Just chill out and enjoy the game instead of judging it about the nooks and crannies. Just People that hate on the game, just give it some time. I mean we are lucky, you should see black ops 3 servers. Thank you. Also I am not just supporting the game because I love halo, but because it’s fun!

Yea it’s fun and all but, I more of the campaign kind of player tbh and thinking back to halo 2 this game a awful. But still better then halo 4 in my opinion.

It is refreshing to see a positive post on the message boards. I agree, I was a big fan of Halo CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3. I stepped away from video games for awhile due to the fact that my wife and I were starting our family. I now have some free time at night and returned to Xbox. I purchased Halo 5 at launch and really enjoy the game. It is a lot of fun. I hope the constant complaints of “it is not what I wanted” slows down over time and we see start seeing some strong interaction on the forums about the game. Nothing is every made perfect and nothing ever will be. The fact that 343i is listening and trying to implement changes shows they care about the fans and the game.

Yupper boy howdy!

It needs two things fixed: more playlists and for the love of God please fix the bug where I “lose connection to the stats” of the game I just played and wasted time for nothing to win a match.

The haters will always hate.

Only problem for me is the matchmaking. We are having problems finding matches in Brazil. The game is great, best multiplayer in the series

Definitely. I love this game. Über addicting, what with the req system and all. But dang, gimme some more armor in those packs! Longing for either legendary or dauntless visor, or helljumper armor!