The game is GOOD. Keep at it.

I loved halo wars 1, and I played halo wars 2, and its pretty much the same, they rearranged some of the things and buttons, but if you just become better at the game the way you are supposed to, you can master it, just like halo 5’s forge. You need to here more of this whoever made the game “I approve of what you are doing here”
But I have 2 bugs to report based off of what I have played. Sometimes the units will still damage eachother, and react to combat, and move the way they would in combat (Example: scorpion gun moving back and forth) but you don’t actually see any of the weapons firing. The units still take damage & everything works though. Also, right after you win or loose a match on that domination gamemode or whatever its called, the points will briefly reset to 5000 before it goes to the endgame screen. Also I already have had a legendary experience on halo wars 2 that I would like to tell you about right now.

It was about midway through the game, the enemy had a huge army and all of the points except for E. Then my ally disconnected from the game (Im assuming he was just afk) and his bases were still there. While the enemy’s massive army ransacked his bases I captured all of the points except for a while they were distracted. Then I built up an armo of about 12 marines, 2 vultures and 3 hornets. They were all on the edges of the map and A was in the center. I destroyed the splinter group of forces the enemy had couped up at a, then I took it away from them, and they weren’t able to take any of our points away from us (btw you need to come up with a better name for the sort of life your team has that is taken away by the control points) anyways we had only 40 life or whatever left on our side, but they weren’t taking anything away from us anymore. at that time the enemy had finally destroyed the last of my ally’s stuff, then their massive army started going for my bases (I had a lot of them) But I captured a and they were ar 750 points. All I could do was pray that they stayed distracted with my base and keep holding onto A with all my might. They were about to destroy my very last outpost, when their score hit 0 and I had one!