The game is good but have a lot to fix

To begin there’s a lot of problems to fix here, first the radar isn’t worth Jack and at this point useless. 2 the power weapons are all to week and don’t feel power weapons either the amor is to strong or the guns is just to weak, but I rather use the AR and pistol than grabbing these new power weapons. 3 the hammer wind up is to slow, in the same time it takes me to swing it I’m already killed by the player I’m trying to hit cause I’m taking a year and 3/4 to move a hammer over my head. 4 the tracking on Melee is all over the place one minutes it’s working the next minute it isn’t. 5. The rocket launchers don’t seem to consistently work. Why does the hydra when just last game killed in one shot since it’s a rocket takes 4 shots to kill? The classic rocket damage is inconsistent and the splash damage doesn’t make any sense! If two people are next to each other how is that the only person that died is the one I had to fire directly at while the other is still fine with half his health?! For the new forerunner rocket it sucks, it’s a rocket weapon but it barely kills. 6.I won’t beat the dead horse but the xp progression is crap , xp per challenge compared to getting xp per game is making the game tedious and unfun for causal players. Not everyone is getting online to play rank or play super aggressive some times they just want to play for fun but the game doesn’t reward playing for fun unless your doing a challenge to earn xp. 7.we need some causal game modes, I get it , it’s the first days but at some point fans would love to see more casual games that they can enjoy and goof around in , halo 5 had fiesta and all these fun casual game modes. 8. When the match is over there isn’t anyway or option to opt out of playing another match, I see this being a problem as the game move forward and penalties are established, please fix before it gets out of hand. 9 the ravager needs to go or be fixed , for a power weapon it’s extremely to weak when it’s comes to its burst fire shots , it takes to many rounds to kill and the area of effect shot is still to weak to kill yet at the same time you can’t fire two area of effect cause by the time you finish reload the weapon and charge another shot the player is already out of the area of effect and since they’re not computers they won’t stand in it for long. Maybe implement that if you shoot the person directly with the area of effect it sticks to them and kills them like the sticky grenade.10 on the topic of guns the sentinel beam needs to be reworded as well it’s either takes to long to kill someone or it runs out of ammo before I finish kill someone at full health. 11 the armor colors isn’t very unique and the fact the amount of amors we have available is so limited. The only options we have for variety is spend money on a battle pass, spend 20$ for the white armor or enjoy the base armor until the event comes out on the 23rd. This game have been in development since 2016 as well as delayed a year , a game that had practically 5 years to come out shouldn’t have this many bugs and the excuse that it’s free to play shouldn’t be used , it halo a game you’ve been making for years it shouldn’t be so hard to fix these things. All this feed back is coming from a fan of the series since 2 and from actual playing and seeing these problems first hand

This needs to be rewritten if you’re trying to give genuine feedback. a huge wall of text is way too difficult to read.
Some of the things you listed as issues, aren’t accurate. the sentinel beam has one of the fasts TTKs and will beat a majority of weapons within optimal range.

The hydra is a mini missile launcher, that’s why it’s rockets are weaker, and it kills with 2 direct hits when not tracking, 4 when tracking, for obvious balancing reasons

the game doesn’t automatically queue you for another match, you have to do it manually.

the game also didn’t start development until about 2018, i do agree with some of your points, but the way you’re providing feedback is poorly constructed and not well thought out