The game is fantastic and you are not

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I have played Halo since CE and can happily say that I like Infinite a lot.

For transparency: I use a controller, on a PC. I prefer playing with a controller and get the aim-assist ‘benefit’, and higher frame rates than console (not much more on my rig). But, my PC is connected to the internet via WiFi, and I’m in the UK so ping is higher when playing on any US server (the majority I encounter). So it’s all much-of-a-muchness.

The stuff people are moaning about with this game is incredible. Honestly all this -Yoink!- like ‘why don’t my bullets shoot round corners’ and ‘I don’t want to play against MK players it’s not fair’ - are you people ill or just not very busy? Have you literally never played an online game?

The 1% improvement in your game that you think 343i ‘fixing’ the game would give you would be easily found through practice, decision-making and positioning, rather than shouting off on a forum. You are not a Halo God just waiting for 343i to nerf the AR so that you can finally get the pro deal you deserve.

My team managed to lose an Oddball game earlier where I went 41-9 and did my fair share of ball-holding (lol) (go on Halo tracker - for the naysayers). I was annoyed. But do I know what their ping was? Their input? Whether this was their first halo game? Trying new sensitivity? Letting their kid/dad have a turn? Drunk?

The sense of entitlement is astounding. A thousand threads have sprung up basically all saying ‘THIS DOESNT PLAY EXACTLY HOW I WANT SO CHANGE IT JUST FOR ME OR NOBODY WILL EVER PLAY AGAIN AND YOU WILL DIEEEEE’.

What is the average age of this player base? Learn to appreciate that different people have different budgets; equipment/inputs, game preferences, setups, skills and experience levels, and grow the -Yoink!- up.


I’ve played Halo since 01 as well and believe that the criticism posted here are mostly valid.

Additionally, going 41-9 in oddball doesn’t mean you played the objective.


My issue is that I get exclusively put in 200ms games. Is that valid?

Hence the ‘did my fair amount of ball-holding’ line but you’ve decided you had an angle to counter me so you go for it

They used to have a filter for matchmaking that said ‘balanced’, ‘fastest’ or ‘best connection’ when searching for a game - hopefully that’s back soon and you can filter out slow games

@snickerdoodle can we get some mod support in here?

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Unrelated - As we’re both from the UK would you be interested in playing Infinite ranked? I was champ in Halo 5 FFA and Slayer. Let me know, cheers!


No, I read that. But since I’ve played enough Halo I know for a fact you weren’t staying back and playing defensively. You don’t go 41-9 in oddball unless that’s the case.

Given that you can’t prove a negative you can’t possibly know what I didn’t do.

Would you prefer I deleted that paragraph from the original topic so we could have a real conversation about all the other points?

For posting one of the few supportive threads on here with a couple of naughty words? Good luck

Ooof; you’re better than me! Maxed out at Onyx in Swat but that’s a bit of an anomaly I think.

But yes - my GT is ‘Feeling Wood’ so hit me up!

Never had a problem with previous Halo games, honestly. Don’t have any problems with Infinite.
Im having an absolute blast.

As for the average age? Probably about the same as most video games, so…late teens, early 20s, give or take?