The game in general! Also Living Dead.

In my honest opinion I am sick of the people who go on living dead just to spam kills and get easy credits. I really do think it should be removed and scrapped from now on, unless 343 can sort out how -Yoink!- the actual thing is. (Doubtful though) Also, the bulltrue medal doesn’t work, just pointing it out. The only reason why it’s still on there is for 12 year old children to go on, fail at the game and think they’ve achieved something when they get cr for doing nothing. Halo: Reach is a game for 12-16 year olds, this is what 343 aim for because at the end of the day they just want to make money. They are basically telling the fans who have played since Halo: Combat Evolved to -Yoink!- off and play another game, because Reach and Halo 4 are just money makers aimed at children. The campaign will be so unbearable to the point that i might just play Call Of Duty. -Yoinking!- -Yoink- game.
P.S I’ll stop playing when i get to inheritor for those people who want to say, “Well why are you still playing”?. Bye Bye

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The deaths for being a Zombie shouldn’t count over 0 - “X” Number, you shouldnt be able to earn more than “X” Number of kills as a Human a round

After going through several pages of game history, it appears you dont play that much LD, but a fair amount of Dino Blasters and Grif-ball. Perhaps you have not acquainted yourself with the new maps, because wholesale easy kills are not to be had in that playlist like they were before.

<mark>Go play one game and see how well you do, I dare you.</mark>

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Why the -Yoink- should I have to play Living Dead to fulfil your desires? The play list is -Yoink!- and the people who do play it should be shot. I play Action Sack, FF and Big Team, Action sack is meant to be a fun play list and then you get people who are try hards and just want free kills, I tolerate FF and big team just winds me up. Especially when it’s 8 randomers vs a party of 8, where’s the true skill? Oh wait! There isn’t one, what a -Yoink- game.