The Game Hates You: Reach's Secret Evil AI

This thread is dedicated to all fellow players who’ve died to the AI basically saying: You’ve lived long enough. If you’ve ever been killed by the AI simply going out of it’s way to make sure you didn’t survive, post your moments of AI 1st degree murder here. Here are but a few of the ways the game makes sure you don’t get too good.

Note: This doesn’t include Matchmaking. If I did one of those, I would have an encyclopedia.

  1. Grunts with FRGs arrive in drop pod behind you while you’re driving a Wraith in FF Limited.

  2. Elite Ultras arrive when you’ve got no lives left and are the last man standing (happens all the time. This game really hates me).

  3. Allied AI betrays you by a) Driving you off a cliff. b) shoots you while you are assassinating someone. c) lobs a grenade/fires a rocket at a wall, killing you with splash damage (and there are no enemies nearby).

  4. Elite(s) ignore everthing else in the room, including the two human players right next to them and charge you.

  5. Heretics (Elites with UNSC weapons) spawn all around you in FF Arcade (never camp AI spawns if you want to live).

  6. Sword Elite camps the FF Limited Spawn and your teammates neglect to spawn somewhere else until you’re out of lives and they’re dead.

If you’ve got one I haven’t mentioned, please post it here in memory of Noble Sixes past who’ve died because the world really was out to get them.

Is death by Kat a category?

> Is death by Kat a category?

She ran me over with a warthog…

Pretty sure I was killed by a drop pod in Firefight once. -_-

> Is death by Kat a category?

Twice she went off the cliff on Sword Base and Tried to ram the revaent bad idea.

Death by Kat is a chapter. Just saying.

What about death, thanks to Jun. He has killed me twice, while I was assassinating Elites.

Anyway, I have had random moments when the AI, usually an Ultra, goes nuts, charges with a Concussion Rifle and every shot hits perfectly. They also do it for no apparent reason.

> > Is death by Kat a category?
> She ran me over with a warthog…

She ran us all over with a Warthog.

> Is death by Kat a category?

It should be…

6 out 7 ain’t bad

This is why I love Halo and its community :smiley:
This topic made me laugh, haha.

Don’t have any idea how many times I’ve been driven off a cliff…

Screwed out of a splatter spree because the AI used armor lock. I was like “What!? The AI uses it too!?” FML

AI allies armor locking an explosive off of them and onto me. Thanks Carter, Emile, and Kat…

Gruntpocalypse: So many flawless victories spoiled at the last second by an absolute perfect stick from miles away.

Large fight, friendly fire occurs, ODSTs get pissed, more friendly fire, this time intentional, I die. Respawn, wipe the floor with some ODST while spewing profanities and insulting their ancestors.

Grab the ghost on Beachfront, get EMP’d 3 times in about two seconds and stuck 4 times.

I get them back though.