The game fixing patch that is not fixing the game

Patch notes are up:

Unfortunately nothing about the broken hit detection, P2P matchmaking, less than 60 FPS and myriad of other issues. After a month since last patch, I’m disappointed.

I do like the lowered menu music volume, and at least they fixed legacy controls so people can play again somewhat.

What do you guys think of the patch? Is it enough?

Personally, I think this is it for me, I’m done wasting my hope on this game. I don’t actually think they will ever fix the largest issues preventing me from playing Halo. Working split-screen multiplayer (yes, I’m kind of old) and bad hit detection in H2 Vista are preventing me from enjoying MCC at all and 343 has barely made mention of these issues that I consider game, or at least experience, breaking.

You can still find me on XBL, I play Titanfall and some Destiny now.

Broken Custom Games should be thrown in there, as well. Halo 2: Anniversary has some of the best Forge and CC options that we’ve ever had. It’s sad that none of those tools can be fully utilized with Custom Games being nearly unplayable on high-object count maps. It’s more sad to know that the majority of people playing H2A Customs have stated that the overall stability of their lobbies has nil improved.

If you ask me what I think has killed the Halo community the most, I’d tell you it’s that. To answer your question, though: No. This patch is no where near, “enough.”

I wish they would’ve addressed the hit detection, but it’s been acknowledged by a dev so all we can do is hope it’s addressed soon. I don’t think we’ll hear more on p2p. They claim dedicated servers are up and being optimized.

The patch is fine. Of course we want more, but they’ve stated that several patches are in the works. They’re basically fixing some aspect of everything. It’ll be rolled out in an update as it’s completed. Ideally anyway.

I’m not going to give up the game, because at the end of the day this game is still more fun than CoD IMO. My friends and I have just been playing it sparingly until it’s at 100%.

I don’t think I’ve played a single game on dedicated servers. That’s my biggest complaint.
But yes, I also still play this game because the old Halo formula trumps everything else, even with crippling lag and glitches.

I read the bulletin, and they could have summarised it to say: WE KEPT FIXING THE SAME STUFF WE’VE BEEN FIXING SINCE LAUNCH.

There is so little detail it’s shocking. It’s impossible to tell whether any particular bug you’ve reported has been fixed. My personal one is achievements not popping even when all the conditions have been met.

There is one intriguing line in the bulletin:

> Made an update to ensure player counts more reliably match the expected numbers for each playlist.

Does this mean they are going to change the UI to show the number of players in each playlist, or just they are going to reduce the number of players in each match type to try and get matchmaking working (say reduce BTB from 16 to 12)? We’ll have to wait until it comes out to see.

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> What do you guys think of the patch? Is it enough?

I’ll wait till it goes live before I judge it.


all little improvements but it’s a good start.


Hopefully the campaign fixes address the issue my buddy and i have where Truth and Reconciliation crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME about two thirds into the level. Even if this doesn’t fully fix everything, if i can at least be able to play coop campaign with my friend without crashing i will be happy.

Until the patch goes live, i’ll hold my judgements.

I dare to keep my hopes but not because i am a blind sheep, but merely because i WANT Halo to survive and i have the faith.
I don’t really mind if others see things otherwise but i’ll give them the hopes up till i’ve played Halo 5 long enough.

After that, my judgement on both 343 and the future of Halo, falls.

It’s enough if there’s an equal sized one next week.

If the patch actually does what it says this time, i’ll lightly commend 343 for it. These are all issues that should of been patched the first week though. They should of been adding ranking and fine tweaking the playlists by now. If this patch doesn’t do anything people are going to go rampant soon.

After a month of nothing, it’s definitely not enough. I want my -Yoink- H2A Bandana Skull fixed!

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> > all little improvements but it’s a good start.
> We’re well past the acceptable window for a good start.

mate i know it’s unacceptable and a travesty and all that -Yoink-, but there’s no point in yelling about it anymore. it’s tiring. important thing is that they are now making improvements