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So I’m back again… as my previous comments may have been heard, and believe me I speak for many competitive halo gamers with my comments. My whole town used to get off school and play halo 2/3 together. For years. Sprint needs to go. This turbo charge non sense needs to go. No jet packs, please. Halo can not die from its original state. It will be the game when I’m an old man I’ll tell my kids about, but it started to die at Halo 4. And halo 5 was a huge disappointment. I am not referring to campaign. The campaigns are all great in my opinion. The graphics are insane and I understand the blood sweat and tears that go behind it. Multiplayer gameplay is what halo is all about. We need BRs. We need the 1-50 ranking to truly separate skill. Plus earning a number is a lot more fun. It’s a sort of challenge that gives you something to earn with your teammates. I love halo and I hope my comments that come from the heart can truly guide halo back into the right direction. To many more comments :beer: and thank you for reading. I hope you all listen for the betterment of halo​:thinking:

completely agree with this guy !! such an unfortunate way for Halo to completely fall off the way i️t did after how much success i️t brought into the multiplayer aspect of xbox as a whole. IF I️t AINT BROKE DONT FIX I️t !! Everyone loved Halo 2/3 and always will… why make such dramatic changes and drive true halo fanatics away to other games. Halo needs a reboot back to the basics no questions asked. BR start… none of the call of duty BS with jet packs and flying garbage. #keepsprintincod #makehalogreatagain