The future of Spartan Ops/ Firefight

My idea is related to the future of Spartan Ops/ Firefight. Probably Halo 5 related but whatever. I enjoyed Spartan Ops and thought it was fun playing with my friends going through the missions and story. The only thing I wish for is that the team shares a certain amount of lives, increasing the difficulty especially on legendary. Also adding the ability to turn on skulls and creating even more challenges around that.

With those being said I believe the next Spartan Ops should be a five episodic weekly campaign like it is now, but with more variety. For Example, Two players hang out in a pelican covering the other two who are on the ground. Or jumping in warthogs and mongooses and pushing through an area to create an LZ for reinforcements to drop off and then start the mission off. Some of these examples may resemble COD Spec Ops but Spec Ops was pretty enjoyable and it encouraged some teamwork, and when you died that was it. Imagine these kinds of missions in Halo, with shared lives, and skulls? It would be massive amounts of fun.

Also my last point, the last episode of every week should be a firefight mission, where your team must be sent to a location to hold and secure against waves of forces, going with the story as much as possible (Doesn’t really matter to me).

As for gameplay aspects, loadouts are fine, but it would be pretty sweet if you earned ordinance in Spartan Ops. I hate POD in MP because its too random and overwhelming, but in SpOps it would be pretty awesome, getting a certain amount of kills in a row earns you a POD, giving players power weapons and an ability to change up their arsenal during the game, instead of dying and changing a loadout.

Thoughts and ideas?

Why not have Spartan ops and firefight? Firefight in spatan ops maps?

I liked Spartan Ops as an extension of the story and the CGI cutscenes were excellent and really advanced the post Halo 4 plotline…but the missions themselves were terrible. Too little variety in mission structure, not enough objectives, it basically summed up to kill all enemies.

Then the dialogue was atrocious. Whoever wrote it should be fired and sent back to writing school. I’m not even joking. Sarah Palmer saying “egghead” every two minutes, Spartan Miller saying “bad guys” (this would not be said in the military!), then AI Roland’s complete childishness. When you compare Roland in the main campaign and Spartan Ops CGI cutscenes he seems to fit in with other previously seen AIs such as Serina and Cortana, but then in missions you have him going “Prometheans ahhhh” or “waaahhhh I want to run the mission!” it was completely unbecoming of an AI stationed on the UNSC’s FLAGSHIP.

I honestly just wish they would stick to Firefight for Halo 5. If they want a secondary co-op campaign it should be done as story DLC using your spartans and have actual levels as campaign does instead of constantly reusing maps. The writing in season 1.5 was a bit better and I think they realized that as far as pacing putting the same map in sequence is better than repeating it later. Having 4 missions on Infinity in a row was a lot better than one mission on Infinity every episode imo.

I think it would be interesting if The Infinity is a online hub world where you can talk and group with other players and take missions . I think some of the levels should be procedurally generated and can take place on different worlds, space stations or ships similar to warframe. The missions can be either or a combination of assassinations(similar to killing that one mission where you kill the Elite “terrorist”), hacking and gaining access of information, base defense/surivial( firefight based) , infiltrating and destroying a base, stealing forerunner tech , rescue missions , clearing out an area , or some would be more like spartan ops style . Not all the levels would be procedurally generated though the more story based ones will not be.

This is probably better in the long run because 343 doesn’t have to keep reusing the exact same maps over again every week. While players are busy doing the missions 343 can then take their time to make more unique maps and encounters down the road.