The Future of Observer Mode ( I hope )

So observer mode has been out for a while now and its very cool from a spectators point of view but i think it could go further for the players point of view. I’m talking about tweaking/ adding in the option for a “Coaches mode” i’m not 100% that this hasn’t been speculated before by someone else and if it has then great if not here is what i would like to see
Coaches Mode- observer mode but team specific meaning they can only view 1 team.
Now it would have to be tweaked so as to be fair. it would have to be that the Coach could only see 1 players POV at a time, the same as OM. i would also keep the team health bars on the side of the POV but have an option for the coach to hide them by pressing B on the controller. Now i for sure would take away the ability to see outlines as it would be very unfair even if you could only see your teams outlines. and this mode would primarily be used for online play as i don’t see a need for it at events. also i think it would be cool if when you choose to be in CM in the custom screen you would pick observer red and instead of a black eye next to your name it would be a red/blue eye to show that you have a coach for scrims.
This is just an Idea that i had and i hope it will be or has been considered by 343.
i also posted this to reddit

That’s a pretty good idea.

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> That’s a pretty good idea.