The future of MCC

I’d like to here what people expect or would lik to see happen for the future of the MCC now that Infinite is out?

Things I’m expecting is full mod support, which is in the process of happening already, and a few additional customization items in the exchange. I also wish there was per piece armor customization for halo reach’s elites. Obviously, with each update, there should be fixes for glitches in the game, to smooth the game out more.

But again, what do you think will come in future updates for the MCC?


All I want is barrier removal in Forge across the board. Imagine no kill or invis barriers on Forge World.

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I just want more polish and bug fixes mostly. I would really like a method to reset the audio logs in ODST because after you have collected them all Mombasa streets becomes too dead and quiet. The extra cosmetics are fairly cool. Maybe adding the Halo 2 E3 demo as a playable level would be cool.

When does Season 8 end?

With it being the last season and with 343i’s attention on Halo: Infinite for the time being, hopefully not for a good while.

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