The Future of Halo. What do you want to see?

This is a very simple question. What would you like to see for the future of Halo? (This can be in general, or things for Infinite).

For me, the first thing would be a game/DLC based on Spartan-IIIs, whether that be regular Spartans or specialised Headhunters. I’m a really big Spartan-III fanatic. I mean I’ve created 11 OC Spartan-IIIs lol. What can I say? Ahahahah.

Another thing I’d love to see (which is similar to my first wish) is a game or DLC focussed on ODSTs, whether that be a squad similar to how the ODST game we have now, or based on a sole ODST. Just the idea of dropping feet first into Hell again just gets me all giddy. We could even take this a step further and throw one of my other wishes together with this one, a Flood horror game, from the perspective of an ODST? Anyone else just excited at that concept?

Lastly, I’d love to see 343 have another go at Spartan Ops, but learning from the past, make this one with more care and considering community feedback from the one they had with Halo 4. The idea I had planned for this was following the events of the main campaign in Infinite, our MP Spartan (using our MP armour kinda like how Reach did for its Campaign) would have numerous objectives to complete on the Halo ring, with an actual story to follow. What this story would be about is anyone’s guess, I never thought about that part, but if 343 were to ever do this, I don’t imagine they’d have difficulty creating a fun and engaging story.

But that’s all I have to say. Feel free to leave what you’d like to see below!! :slight_smile:


I’d like to see the campaign narrative somehow tie into our multiplayer spartans so that at the end of the Halo Infinite campaign there is some narrative beat that brings in a ton of spartans to the ring and we are all dropping in to do campaign missions as DLC. If Infinite is supposed to be a 10ish year game we’ll need lots to do and I think using our spartans that we create and customize as “our own” into the main game narrative would be really cool.

Maybe have it tied to co-op dropping in 6 months? So the narrative becomes “here comes all these spartans dropping onto Zeta Halo for Season 2” and we get to PLAY that event happening with our own custom spartan in-game!

I’d also like to see stand alone games tertiary to the events in Infinite. Halo Wars 3 will probably never happen but I’d love one. Also, maybe a survival horror type game where you are a normal person trying to escape the flood.

Some kind of campaign based around your MP spartan, which they seem to be hinting at.
The return of the flood.
Return of firefight, and possibly warzone.
Classic weapons like the plasma rifle, classic shotgun, and CE pistol.
Classic / remade maps.

I would like to see player outlines removed. Enemies glowing from across the map is not a good thing. I would much rather have red vs blue back. Or at least make a toggle for red card blue.

I would like to see them integrate riddels and hidden messages that give you actual in game rewards.
Do you guys remember the codes and glyphs the guys from section 3 discovered.
I know they did an ARG for Halo 5 with hunt the Truth but it didnt really give you any in game rewards.
Back the you could unlock concept art and xp and even armor over the codes you had to enter into waypoint.
I really miss finding terminals and feeling connected to the world of halo in another way and now that I am older I think I could really get into the whole decoding and stuff.
@stckrboy could you guys be a voice for that for that

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A bunch kf playable aliens and storues as good as Halo 2.

I would very much like to see more perspectives on events from the aliens. I think some games focused on the covenant or the Arbiter are necessary and would be amazing.

I would also love for splitscreen and dual weilding to finally return

I would love to see the ranked playlists a little more selective. Such as a separate playlists for just Ranked Slayer, Ranked Doubles, Ranked FFA, etc . That would make the multiplayer golden. I already love it.

I’d settle for region lock so the game is playable

Just MORE diverse things from the battle pass. I’m loving the game so far. Can’t wait for the campaign. :slight_smile:

I guess, I could just go with making a list? Anything else, and I’d just ramble too much haha. I’ll try to keep it specifically to Halo Infinite, since it’s fresh on my mind.

  1. Juggernaut, Assault, VIP, Headhunter, etc. Gamemodes from previous games. ESPECIALLY Jugg, SWAT, and Infection. Also chill game modes like Fiesta (why no random weapon selection in customs btw?), and Crazy King/ Multi Ball Oddball. Also, please let us choose our gamemodes like how it’s set up in MCC, PLEASE.

  2. Mix/Match between armor cores. Enough has been said about this, so I don’t feel like I need to elaborate.

  3. An option to configure more individual audio channels. I’m talking being able to adjust the AI, Steitzer, BTB Announcer, etc.

  4. Color Channels, please.

  5. Way more free armor options. I’m not asking for literally everything, but if, say, there’s planned to be like, just for the sake of example 40 armor sets in the whole game. It would be nice if maybe about 10 sets would be free, and maybe 5 more can have some pieces from the set be free (specifically the helmet, since I believe that is the most distinct piece), and the rest of the set can be earned either through challenges, or earned via the battlepass. While I’m on the subject, I’d like if the store was reduced to more mundane things, and 90% if not 100% of armor be obtainable via passes and events. Probably asking for too much, but that’s just what I’d like and what I think would be best. Hell, add an option to buy the multiplayer, I’ll jump on that.

That’s about it off the top of my head.

looks through crystal ball In the future of Halo, I see the continual problem of Grenade Spamming, Teams not working together on the objectives, people playing the objectives like it’s Slayer etc.

I see the gameplay turning into Apex/COD, vehicles awarded as killstreaks. No weapon being able to stun vehicles anymore, ADS Battle-Rifle, Perk system and every armor being “colorful, fuzzy and wacky!!!” for the sake of copying the joke-looks of modern games. Bc 343 is dumb


Bungie taking it over again. Although having played Destiny, even if that happened I’d say classic Halo gameplay is long gone.

  1. Career Rank progression with meaningful unlocks.
  2. Ability to display ranked playmode rank on player card.
  3. Actual challenges like a CoD system.
  4. Some sort of camo grind.
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A bigger Forge would like Halo reach.

Horde mode

Multi-team, image 12 teams of duo’s playing oddball or slayer on one of the big maps.

I’d also like a classic map play list in the multiplayer options. I’d love to play some of the halo 2 maps like Lockout & ivory tower.

I’d like shaders and visor colors to be universal instead of armor core specific. I like the Mark 5 but everything I’m unlocking is for the Mark 7 and it’s frustrating.

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Can we get firefight back?

This man just wants firefight.

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The Spirit of Fire crew meeting up with the rest in chunky big Dlc etc for Halo Infinite. Would love to see Red and Omega teams meet up with Bluteam, Osiris and even Majestic with Gabriel Thorne. At LEAST the S II meetin each other again. They are family in a way with the training and all that.

Imagine Jerome and Isabel and John with the Weapon or normal Cortana.
Big adventure!
Not to forget the rest of their teams.

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Different dev in charge of the game.

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