The Future of Halo Story and Character Modes

So a quick thought looking towards future halo titles. We all from Halo CE and 2 and 3 understand that YOU, the player are master Chief. Where he is faceless and devoid of identification so as to put the player much easier in his shoes. But as we have had more halo lore come on line over the years and the animation where we see John-117 and his younger days we grow more to understand that we as players are no longer this character. This is further revealed as we moved into 4 and 5. Especially where now you have the option to play in Coop campaign as anyone of the Face Characters.

In retrospect what I liked about Halo 3:ODST, Halo:Reach and Halo 4 Spartan ops: Was YOU played as a Character in a much bigger part of the overall story. In Halo ODST you are Rookie, the Protagonist. In Halo:Reach you are again the Protagonist as Noble Six with customized armor options to further self identify and set you apart from the other would be Noble Sixes. The cut scenes even featured YOU the player. In Halo 4 Spartan Ops you got to be part of a Fireteam again in your customized armor set following missions. All of these features in these three titles allowed the player to more personally identify with the story line and the interaction between characters. These weren’t just some random power characters you got to choose from as if you were playing a character in a shooter. They were YOU the player. It allowed the user experience to amp up because now you were vested in the story and felt integral to it. This is the feature i want most to see returned to Halo.

Reveal Chiefs face or don’t. It wont affect my affinity for the character or his story arc. We all know at this point that the Chief is no longer the Player. We are no longer his story. We are visitors to this. It would be nice to get us vested in his story further by actually bringing us along as the new breed of Spartan V’s and not part of the Old guard like we were in Halo 5:Guardians.