The Future of Forge

IMO in Halo 4 there shouldn’t be maps like Forge World, Tempest, Foundry and Sandbox, instead they should allow us to fully forge EVERY map. We’ve seen with Epilogue, Unanchored, Boundless, Sand Tarp and Uplink that the developers can make major adjustments to maps. Why aren’t we allowed to do that? How much would I give to make the top mid on Zealot less of a cluster -yoink- or open up the Main Building on Powerhouse! Imagine of we could have the full Forge Pallet on Breakpoint (snow), Powerhouse (desert) , Zealot (covy), Boardwalk (city) etc. No one would ask for “City Forge World” “Covy Forge World” or “Snow Forge World” anymore.

This would fix the main issues people have with Forge maps:

  • “Everything is gray”
  • more maps on disk because we dont need specific forge maps anymore

I’d also love if we could change the screenshot of the map that appears in the game lobby. In Playlists that have lots of Forge Variants like TS and BTB it’s would make choosing maps way easier if we knew what they looked like.

Please discuss

Wow thats like the greatest idea ever

I disagree. Forgeworld was the best thing that ever happened to Forge. Why? It gave you so much to wor with and the ability to create really unique enviormentsthat fit to your designs want and needs whihc allowed for alot more creativity in maps like we see in MM.

I think they could keep forge-worlds, but then they could add the 7th menu option: Map-maker.
It would keep the ‘‘forge for fun’’ people happy and the experienced map makers happy.