The fun, casual multiplayer experience is non-existent

The matchmaking (or lack thereof) in all the social playlists is terrible and results in a lot of very frustrating, unfun matches. 343i really needs better matchmaking that successfully matches players up such that most (ideally all) games are enjoyable. I also really want 343i to add the same solo/duo and controller/mouse&keyboard matchmaking filter settings to ALL playlists (just like the filters the ranked playlist has).

More detailed thoughts:
I’ve been playing Halo for 20 years on Xbox and Halo Infinite is the least amount of fun I’ve had when just trying to play the game casually. Most of the time when I play, I just want to jump in and enjoy a few matches for fun. I don’t really care too much if my team wins or losses, I just want to have some fun with some good moments in a match (a couple satisfying kills, stealing/defending the flag, driving a vehicle, etc.). The problem is that Halo Infinite just does not offer a fun casual experience at all.

The ranked playlist offers up a fun experience, but it also makes you care about winning and losing and really get competitive. Additionally, it’s much more limited between the single playlist and the conditions of those matches (BR starts, no radar, etc.). I really enjoy other gametypes (fiesta, free-for-all, BTB, etc.) as well as using more weapons and having radar, but the majority of my social games seem to be more upsetting than they are fun. I can understand that on occasion I’ll get put into a match where I get severely dominated, or conversely having the occasional match where I dominate myself, but shouldn’t the majority of the matches be close enough to enjoy the game casually?

Last night I had several matches in a row where I just got so dominated that I nearly swore off the game for the time being. While I have no idea how skilled these players were in relation to me, I was playing some PC players with 700 to 1000+ matches under their belt (I think I’m a bit under 200)… I’m pretty confident I wouldn’t be playing these players in the ranked playlist.



For me its a big difference if im playing social or ranked.
If i play social matches i dont care about win/loss or K/D. I just play the game, supporting my team mates, protecting the carrier and so on. If we win, yeah, if we lose, ok, next match.
On the other hand ranked. There i am absolutely focused. If i get a good team and we have the chance to win, i play the objective, support and protect the carrier, defend captured bases (stronghold). As soon that i realise that we cant compete or my team mates are not playing the objective, i just switch to slay the other team.

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the whole game is sweatier by design. 18 meter radar, faster killtimes, SBMM in social. I’ve powered through it as a halo veteran but I can’t imagine how unfun this is for a casual player.


Yeah, the 18m radar is a total joke. Isn’t very useful at all. Needs to go back to 25m or whatever is has always been. They ripped it completely out of ranked games, I think they can give us the desired, real radar for social.

I don’t know what the problem is with the social matchmaking, but it is just horrible. I have a much more fun, casual experience playing RANKED… that’s just messed up.


I completely agree with your thought process for social VS ranked. That’s why I’m so upset about social. The players are so poorly matched up that quite often I’m being dominated so badly that I am not enjoying myself at all (and I’m not even going after a good K/D ratio or a win).

I agree, if there is a radar, then it should be helpful → more range. It happens a lot that an enemy appears to late in the radar. A few meters more are needed.
As for ranked, im ok that there is no radar. Less distraction.


I agree. Right now, when I want a more social experience, I’ll go to Ranked cause the teams, at least to me, seem more balanced… and it’s BR starts so I can usually do ok to help my team.

I’ll admit BTB seems somewhat social, though.

I think one issue is the existence of “Quick Play” as the top option, making it likely the most used option. Therefore, you get many good players being matched in decreasing your chances of matching with lower tiered skill levels.

Second issue is no Controller-only option. I know this impacts Tactical Slayer a lot, which at the moment is one of the more painful playlists to play in. Though, post-BR, I have never been a fan of anyway.

FFA (usually) is just annoying in general. Most of the time, I do ok and still nearly get last place. I think the sandbox kind of plays into that. Going all the way back to H2 and H3, I have always said FFA needs weapon-specific game modes to balance the competition. (it never happened, lmao)


I agree. Right now, when I want a more social experience, I’ll go to Ranked cause the teams, at least to me, seem more balanced…

Yep. Somehow ranked is less stressful and more fun.

I’ll admit BTB seems somewhat social, though.

Fair enough. I haven’t played a lot of BTB, but I’d agree.

Second issue is no Controller-only option.

100% agreed. Every playlist should have input-based matchmaking filters for players. I think the solo/duo filter from ranked should also be there for all playlists.

FFA (usually) is just annoying in general.

FFA seems like the worst culprit of all the playlists. Occasionally I’m scrapping to fight for the win, but most of the time I’m at the very bottom.

I’ve noticed how sweaty Infinite is, compared to previous Halo installments. I believe this is due to forced cross play - PC players are (generally) much better at FPS games than console players.


Yet another endorsement for 343i to add input and solo/duo matchmaking filters for ALL playlists. I’ll happily wait a few more seconds to match up.

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M/K users are so far outmatched in Halo that it’s insane to see so many people come into these forums and think it’s actually the opposite. Your game will die because of it. Every M/K player is literally quitting the game because the way it feels to play controller players, it’s so absurdly lopsided from the M/K perspective. You guys are just not that great at the game so even controller players that beam you, you think it’s PC players. Lol Y’all are going to get destroyed in the controller social playlist too. Stop thinking it’s a M/K issue, it’s a sbmm issue. M/K players are at the disadvantage, don’t get it twisted.

Is it the style of play? The game is literally more mobile and open in quick match due to the starting weapon being the assault rifle and not the battle rifle.
How are you getting dominated and having these hardcore matches exactly?
what i mean is what is so difficult about them?

Truth. Everything is SBMM. No more random lobbies, there’s no social aspect to it (pregame lobbies), its all set up for competitive play through and through.

I never said M/K had the advantage. I’m sick of the notion that controller players and M/K players need to play together and it needs to be balanced. Build separately optimized controls for each input method and separate the playlists. Players can setup custom games or 343i can introduce cross-play playlists for those that really want to play that way.

I’m complaining about the social experience and how it’s not fun or casual the majority of the time. I do think removing forced cross-play will help with this, but it is not the fundamental issue.

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You make it sound like I’m unable to use the weapons successfully. That’s not the problem. In fact, I’m much better with the BR than just about any other weapon in Infinite. The problem is I’m playing matches against people that are clearly much better than I am to the point that it isn’t fun at all. I don’t care if I’m the worst in the game with the worst K/D, but I shouldn’t feel like I’m so terrible at the game that I shouldn’t bother playing. I want to have FUN in the social playlists and most of the time I’m not.

Prior Halo games were not like this.

Well then you have a low populated niche game that has plagued Halo for awhile now. Games are going to cross-play, and for good reason. It helps communities and makes them more money. 343 just dropped the ball with developing a fun and casual way to play the game.

If they separate the playlist the M/K part of the game will actually die. There aren’t enough M/K players to actually make it separate for them. So either just cut-off a portion of the player base that you worked some-what hard to try and include, or try and make it work for both parties.

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There definitely needs to be some kind of Action Sack playlist to make it more fun/casual. MCC does a great job of this, so hopefully they can implement something similar.

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Prior Halo games had a bigger social population. Less casual players play Halo in 2022. The multiplayer experience is not very friendly to anybody that isn’t interested in just’ playing the Ranked playlist, imo. Not to mention a large portion of the casual community isn’t even playing probably because they released the game without forge.

What are you talking about?? The number of Steam players has been very healthy. Halo Infinite multiplayer is free-to-play and was released across all platforms the same day. It does not have a population issue.

Number of steam players is not the same as number of MKB players. I am a steam player, but i play on controler.