The Frozen Shadows Clan - JOIN!

First, contact my gamertag: Blu Willis
ONLY contact that gamertag. It is unlikely I will see a responce to this posting.

Hey everybody. I’m in a clan called The Frozen Shadows (TFS) and am looking for some real character players to join us. We have a very diverse range of skill in our clan from guys that are 2.0 KD players to a couple that are as low as 0.5. So you can tell by this, we look at what type of PERSON you are.

If you want to join a clan that’s hitting 3 yrs old in December, you’ll be joining something that won’t fizzle out in just a few months. We have a website, awards, ranks and we play a bit of everything. People are willing to train aspiring Spartans but only if you ask and take it seriously enough.

I will add our website has a ton of content on it to keep everyone interested :slight_smile:

We’ve also fought in over 250 clan battles since our beginning, averaging about 100 battles a year thus far. So if that’s your type of thing, finding a battle will always ensure you playing in it. Our longest winning streak in clan battles is 43 which just ended a few months ago. We’re currently working on another one though.

I won’t stand here and say my clan is perfect as we are such a diverse group. But we are getting better every day we are around and I’m always happy to bring new blood into the fold. We have bout 50-60 members right now and expect that number to grow upon the release of Halo 4.

There’s room to grow into a leader here as well. When you put in the work, you are simply recognized for it. The highest rank here will take you roughly a year to earn.