The Fourth Order Clan

I am starting up a new clan called The Fourth Order, so far I only have 3 active members. I am recruiting anyone who is interested in joining a clan.

My side of the clan, is obviously for competitive Halo players, and my friend EndGame996’s side of the clan is for CoD, so he isn’t much help.

For my clan, we all wear a tag, the ones in my division have a tag number, for example: TFO1,TFO2,etc.

For our colors we wear Primary-Steel, and Secondary-Brick, the visor should be Solar or midnight, but we aren’t too keen on that.

I am recruiting ages 15 and up, looking for respectful players.

The way this clan is going to work, is every month we will have a competition where everyone except the leaders will fight in an FFA custom game match. The top 4 players will be awarded the guard title, with the 1st being the Arbiter Guard. The title is not permanent, so even the Arbiter Guard has to fight for his/her title every month.

The Guards will be put into one single team, the Arbiter being the leader.

For everyone else, they shall be put in teams of 4 who all have different skills, example: Sniper, CQC, etc. They have to work together.

The Council,which is like the government, will have the Leader, the Advisor(recruited by Leader), Spokesperson, and Arbiter Guard.

Something I borrowed from a Naruto-Halo clan, was generation leaders. I think once we have enough people, and a year has passed, we have something like a democracy, where the Blue party say the council should make up all the rules, or the Red Party, where they should make a few rules yet the teams in the clan make up their own rules, somewhat like a state law.

I know this will take a lot of time to make, but I wish to make a clan like this. If you are interested or have any tips, please message me on live or write it here.

PS: I’m not exactly great on recruiting, any help?

message me : Simiolus, i wil join maby or els i will join you for some fun if you like!

Alright,i did.