The Four Horsemen

Hey guys a few friends and I are making a machinima series called “The Four Horsemen”.
Here’s a description of the plot:

Due to a broken and lifeless planet humanity has left earth and colonized other planets in order to survive, in order to maintain peace the humans created a high power known as “The Horsemen” 4 men or women in charge of the 4 squadrons (North,South,East and West) in order to maintain peace among their race. The year is 3118 and a horseman has died. Therefor 4 new horsemen must be chosen and so the horsemen challenge has been issued. Each colony must submit 4 candidates to participate and have them dual the other colonies representatives. Once all have fallen and only four remain the new horsemen will have been chosen.

Any support would be appreciated, just spread the word and tell your friends about it.

Here’s a link to the trailer:

Just reposting to help advertise, also here’s a link to our site where you can see a couple other of our videos and stuff.