The forums is a mess right now

like a real big mess and I dont need to go into detail on this just look around and you can see how its a mess


It is a mess….

How sad it is

yeah and one I dont think will get cleaned anytime soon

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What rong with the forums?

I hope it can be and i hope we as a community can be civilized for once XD

Your grammar for one…

Nono just kidding! Twas a joke.

People have… uh… a lit if anger right now and hate towards 343

just look around and you can see we have people posting how fun ifninte is we got posts talking on the same issues over and over and we got posts bashing people for having fun and not complaining on the same topics and we have posts bashing those people the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on

I still think Microsoft has more power over Halo than the 343 team.

its like watching a room full of babies screaming and shaking their rattles.

or a biker gang

i dislike children.

Nothing of value here.