The Fortnite Formula and why it kills a game and community like halo

To start off I’m not an expert. I’m a gamer. Like the majority of veterans out there its been a bit …disappointing to put it in nice terms about the formula that 343 decided to go with when it comes to infinite. What made the franchise so much fun and rewarding was what we the players earned through our time in game. Finding skulls for the hyabusa armor was one of my fondest memories with my friends. Trying to complete the scout armor by running someone down with a mongoose, grinding to brigadier in reach to get an all time favorite set, the in game mile stones in halo 4 to unlock badass assassination’s. Those mechanics is what kept halo to a higher standard and what made it so addictive to play. It is what made us as players to get better with the game mechanics and become a force to be reckoned with in multiplayer and made our friends envious of how cool we looked in custom games. When req packs were introduced I felt like we lost something important. Though the concept of weapon skins and attachments was a promising one it ended up just felling like the focus shifted away from what it once was and became a de valued cash grab. Flash forward to now where we have a free to play halo multiplayer which I thought originally was going to be an amazing idea to bring the community together day one without anyone having to wait and miss out.

Unfortunately when I saw the store and the format they used all I could do was shake my head in disappointment. the first thing that anyone should think of when they enter a new game in their favorite franchise is this feels like home or its good to be back and the game play and new mechanics do that but that store is 100% Fortnite. Daily bundles, weekly bundles, battle pass these things could work if they didn’t follow the Fortnite playbook. I will say that not having the battle pass expire was an excellent move something that truly makes it actually worth buying. The things that MUST change if halo infinite wishes to survive are as follows.

    Look I want to support 343 so that this game can be the best it can be so that I can make new memories with friends new and old. They were gracious enough to put out the multiplayer FOR FREE but the fact that they went with the fortnite formula which is designed to try and keep players coming back due to limited time cosmetics and battle pass is frankly insulting and destroys the challenge of earning your look by playing the game. this can be solved by putting in an in game currency that can be used on cosmetics or even something as … and bare with me here… a slot machine based mechanic not the req packs! mass effect three multiplayers format for this would be the way to go specialized packs with reasonable chances and specific break downs so you don’t end up getting the same skin emote or low level crap each time.
    A dedicated store that doesn’t role over or have limited time items is necessary if you don’t want your players to revolt over something that should be available though rank and skill like previous halos. 343 is already seeing this and the longer the issues isn’t addressed the less and less players will log on and the game will fizzle out and die. The solution is the dedicated store front. you like a certain piece from a bundle but not the other stuff ? Boom! dedicated store. Make it, 5 bucks to a dollar depending on the length of time in the franchise, have sales, and you will see a sizable difference in the community’s mood. every time you come out with a new bundle. Boom! Each piece is available in the dedicated store permanently available for purchase for all time! less is more especially when you have hundreds of armor sets color combinations etc… that you can still make a profit off of to make the game better.

    Colors for armor and weapons, good! Pieces of armor, good! banners and titles, BAD! Emblems I could take it or leave it. currently the only way for us to get colors in game and armor in game for free is via your weekly rewards which would be fine if you didn’t do color swatch then banner then color swatch banner. The reward should be why we do the challenges not the exp. By far the easiest fix and a way to make players actual want to do the challenges each week.
    Last but not least…

    Carters Commando Gear is one of my favorite sets. I nearly quit the game when I found out that you didn’t get any of the separate equipment and on top of that you couldn’t even use it as a base to build off of and customize. such a missed opportunity do you know how stoked the community would have been if you did that it would have made the armor cores so much more worth buying especially if you added attachments patterns that you couldn’t get any other way. I’m not a developer but this isn’t as hard as you guys are making it out to be. Help us support you by actually making these change and ditch the fortnite formula before you end up losing an entire community of players who are more than prepare to spend money on full priced halo games and dlc. Times running out and once players stop being angry they simply walk away and leave the game entirely. I hope someone, anyone reads this, shares or gets it to 343 some how, because this franchise means so much to me and so many others. Its a total let down to see it fail because of a few poor choices that could have been correct by simply doing things the halo way and not the fortnite way.


Mmm didn’t really read it but I just wish 343 would fix the actual gameplay problems before cosmetic stuff. All the Inconsistency problems, melee attack system, Aim Assist disappearing when you pop someone Shields for Controller Players, and rewarding players that actually play the objective more then those that prolong the game by going after kills only.
After they fix those major issues then come out with a better cosmetic solution.:wink:

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I would agree, except they took out colors, and they’re selling the cosmetics. If cosmetics are the only way they’re getting money from multiplayer, then they have to do cosmetics right. People are paying them for this stuff.