The forge maps.

Yes, Unfortunately the day has come where I must pass down judgement of the forge maps, and Maps in Wargames that annoy the -Yoink!- out of me.

I have no problem with what 343i tried to do with the maps, I really don’t. I am actually happy forge got some much needed things, such as magnets, that make me less prone to an OCD tick when I can’t line up a piece.

Obviously, I like Forging. The ol’ grind of multiplayer takes it’s toll on me. I liked forging so much I changed my Xbox LIVE gamertag to Something with forge in it. You see, I am not saying that Forge is bad, I love halo 4’s forge. My biggest problem with the entire thing is the fact that you cannot see your nearest boundary on the outside of the map. On maps like impact and Ravine, it is hard to appropriately judge the amount of distance you have before you hit the ‘Return to battlefield!’ area.

Another thing I would like to bring up is the Building Blocks,and functionality with magnets. Now I know that magnets are magnets, and that they will always have positives and negatives to them, yet I find myself thinking that more can be done with them:

  1. There should be more magnets on the sides of larger building blocks instead of just the one, as this sometimes makes magnet functionality useless.
  2. I feel that when two objects are placed using magnet functionality to stick to each other, a magnet should be created in the space between the center point of the two objects. Now, I can understand if you’d have to rewrite/create 1000s of lines of code just to add this to the game, and you wouldn’t want to do this. That is fine, this is just a concept.

The last thing I want to address is the lack of effects, and the fact that not a single one of our forge maps have an abundance of water that you can use. I LOVED using the water of ForgeWorld, however I can no longer do that because There is simply not enough of it that is accessible.

On the tangent of water, lights do NOT effect water, which is annoying, as trying to use lights+water is a no-go now.

Remember this post is ENTIRELY my opinion. If your opinion differs, I would very much appreciate your opinions so as to add/refute some of my arguments here.


I do believe that a large, flat, and high map with a purpose similar to Forge World should come eventually.

That will be Nice, as the maps of current do not have good flat spaces or plots of ground.