The Flood shouldn’t come back until the endgame

A lot of people talk about when the Flood will return en mass to the galaxy. There’ve been a few instances of small breakouts on board the Spirit of Fire and on the Ark. However, I actually don’t want the Flood return to the galaxy en mass until the endgame of the story begins. I would have there be hints of the eventual return, but I wouldn’t have it for quite some time. I would have the endgame/endpoint of the entire story be the Flood returning en mass to the entire galaxy unlike anything the galaxy has ever seen. The species from all over would come together and unite, fighting side by side. I think this would be the best way to end the story, everyone coming together to fight the Flood 1 last time. What’d you think?

The Flood was the Precursor’s way to judge who is worthy of the Mantle. If they come down, face off against everyone who is in the race and lose/determine a winner, why would that be the end of the story? Just because Humanity (presumably) would inherit the Mantle, doesn’t mean that’s the end of our story. It only means that we’ve earned the right to combat whatever comes next.