The Flood Removed from Halo Infinite?

Since they started to update the Master Cheif Collection, they added a really nice main loading background (when you first start the game) which said ‘Halo The Master Cheif Collection’ with a great image of a Halo ring with what looked to be the gravemind around it - or at least lots of flood-like tentacles.

I had booted up the game recently (June 2019), and noticed they changed this screen and removed the flood tentacles. I find it very strange how they have removed the flood tentacles from this, as the images are exactly the same - just the recent one is brighter.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but I think this Halo ring we see in the menu for the MCC and in the loading screen, is the ring that is in the end of Halo 5 - the ring that Cheif is on in Halo Infinite.

Could this mean that they where going to add the flood to Halo Infinite? and have now decided to remove them?

What do you guys think?

Do you agree that the ring in the menu and loading screen, is the ring in Halo Infinite? Also, would you be annoyed if the flood are not in the game?

As far as I know, the main reason the whole “Flood” thing happened in MCC was because of a handful of fixes to the actual product, along with the following quite on the actual post:

Last month, players were challenged during the final weeks of October to play the Infection Playlist and unlock the new Flood Nameplate. This challenge was not taken lightly - players took to MCC and infected as many as they could between Oct 17 and Oct 31. Y’all played so much Infection that MCC’s main menu has become… Infected.” -343 Industries, MCC November Update

Generally, everyone played infection to the point where it felt like it’d be fun to spice it up. However, at the same time, the entire thing seemed quite odd for 343 to pull for a couple of fixes. I mean, the Flood has been a bit of a thing that’s resurfaced, with HW2’s Awakening the Nightmare from quite a while ago and this to tag along after, I can see it hinting potentially to where the series is going. In the end, however, its just speculation.

As for the general location of the whole tentacle-y mass, its too hard to really tell what ring that could be. I, personally, just assumed it to be some random ring that didn’t have a major importance; though it could potentially be a place such as Zeta Halo. We can’t really know for sure based on the photo we’re given of the ring, other than space.

That was really nothing more than a bit of fun that the team put together for the release of Infection. They did a further update for the holiday season and had a really nice snowscape featured on the menu. We’ll likely see more feature updates to the menu like this in future, but I wouldn’t look too deeply into them to be honest

Well if the Flood is removed the source of the flood may still be there.
So instead of the Flood we could get something very similar but much more horrific and worse. (could that be possible, maybe).

I don’t think those menu screens were related to Infinite, it was just for an event in MCC. The event ended so they removed it.