The Flood origin story in future Halo games

What are the possibility of The Flood origin story being explored in future Halo games?

Given that 343Industries is cutting back on relying on the expanded universe media to help explain the story they’re trying (and failing) to tell, highly doubtful. Halo Infinite is going to be a ‘return to the classic Halo storytelling’ which means that the campaign will be highly focused on the events of said game and not expanding beyond it in a meaningful fashion. Given that Halo Infinite clearly seems to be focused on resolving the ‘Created’ issue caused by Halo 5 and including some form of time skip into the future of the Halo Universe, it is very doubtful we will see any future in-depth information about the Flood or a focus on it (which is good, because the Flood are boring enemy to fight anyway).

If you would like more information on the backstory of the Flood and Halo in general (since you seem to be pretty new to it all), I would highly suggest visiting Halopedia. It is the largest and most well managed and maintained Halo wiki out there with highly detailed articles covering pretty much everything you could want out of the franchise’s lore. It also helps keep this forum from being filled up with question threads that can easily be answered by searching for the information on Halopedia.