The Flaming Army

The Flaming Army is a clan that is new. known as TFA. We are a Halo 5 Clan and our main purpose of this clan is to give players the experiences they’ve always dreamed of. We try to teach and prepare for the world with real life situations. Joining the clan is an opportunity and leaving the clan is something to regret. The Flaming Army is that clan that learns from the past and plans to never relive those horrifying moments that occurred in the past. Being in this clan will teach you: Obedience, Discipline, Respect,
Responsibility, Communication, and to have Pride. Being released or leaving this clan would be something to regret. This clan also have two divisions:
UNSC, and ODST. More Divisions coming soon.

Leader: Mathew S.
Co-Leader: No one

Discord: Discord
Website: Coming Soon