The first Halo game where having a good looking Spartan comes with great shame and looking default comes with great pride. :(

Isn’t this the absolute worse? Where looking like the default Mark V, Mark VII and Yoroi (or items from the Battle pass) comes with the most pride? Where having something on from the store is almost something to be ashamed of?

There was this post on Reddit showing a screenshot of someone’s Spartan who looked absolutely great. But then people started to calculate how much he must have spent on the game and it was at the very least 250 dollars. Which made an awesome looking Spartan look really lame all of a sudden.

I don’t know why 343i doesn’t implement the same system Bungie uses in Destiny 2:

  • You can buy all store items for real money at all time in the in-game shop.
  • There is a weekly rotation for items you can buy for credits you can EARN in the game. So that’s not actual money.

Spending money will make sure you look how you want to look at day 1, but the obvious downside is that you need to spent actual money.
Buying stuff with in game earned credits costs you no money (or less), but the downside is that it can be up to several weeks/months before what you want to buy hits the shop.

But right now the two worst features of that system are implemented:

  • You have to wait for weeks/months before you can buy what you want to buy.
  • You can ONLY buy stuff with actual money and there are no in game earned credits you can spent in the shop.

Not to mention that the prices are 2 and in some cases more than 3 times too high for what the bundles contain.

A fair price i.m.o. would be a dollar per item. With the only exception being helmets, which can be 2 dollars, and emblems max 0,5 dollars. With that logic I check the store.
Soldier armor set: max 10 dollars. (In store 20 dollars)
Daisy delights bundle: max 4,5 dollars. (In store 15 dollars)
Special delivery bundle: max 3 dollars. (In store 10 dollars)
Chibi aliens bundle: max 6 dollars. (In store 5 dollars)

And I don’t think the store is working either. I played 10+ matches yesterday. Of those 10+ matches I only saw 1 teammate with something he/she bought in the store: The pineapples. Other than that everybody was wearing Mark VII, Mark V or Yoroi armor with only items from the battle pass. And some people were wearing a HCS skin. Something I do not consider a problem. In Halo 5 the HCS skins were also 10 dollars, so that feels like a fair price. And in 2015 you could buy more for 10 dollars than you can do today.

Is that a good indication? Only 1 in 40+ people buying something from the (Non HCS) shop? I don’t understand why 343i is only targeting whales, when they can pretty much hunt on everybody. With prices being 50% of what they are now, they could probably see 50% or more of the players buying bundles on a regular basis. With prices being 25% of what they are now I can see up to 95% of the players buying bundles a lot. Maybe even on a daily/weekly basis.

And to be honest I don’t understand why 343i just doesn’t do that. It is not as if they will run out of digital items. :neutral_face:

Yeah, the aboved named percentages are only a gut feeling. But I totally see myself buying multiple 20 dollar bundles if they were 5 dollars. And A LOT of 10 - 15 dollar bundles if they were between 2 and 4 dollars.


We need an in game way to get credits. I think once this happens it’ll have a lot better feeling having cool armour.


NGL I just unlocked that MARK VI Masterchief helmet at level 84 yesterday. This was the only reason I bought the 10 bucks gamepass. I love finally playing the game like I want (as green armor master chef cool dude) and not caring about challenges or experience anymore.

But it kinda takes away from my sense of pride and accomplishment, that I have seen people rock that outfit on day one. I kinda feel bad, that my armor gets presented ingame now and maybe urges ppl to cash in to look like that faster.

I’ve been ingame 140 hours according to Steam, according to halotracker I have actual playtime of 86 hours and 825 matches. That translates to roughly a level each hour of gametime. But man, I’ve grinded out those 50 exp games vs bots some nights on end, until they wouldn’t even give me those 50 exp anymore.

It kinda makes me feel bad too seeing people that have “that armor” on, knowing they cashed in and solidified 343’s business ideas.

Haven’t preordered the campaign, gonna play it “for free” on the 3 month gamepass. Maybe I’ll buy it when the co-op comes.

Only thing keeping me in multiplayer was the rock solid gameplay and good gunplay.


I’ve mostly been a default kinda guy anyway. As such, I’m mostly interested in the Mk7 stuff atm. The reach stuff is cool and all, but I’ve seen it before. Out with the old, and such.

But nah, I don’t shame anyone. I’ve got a buddy who legit opened the game, bought the battle pass, and has yet to play a single matchmade game. I don’t shame him. But I do question his money spending habits.


I certainly point and laugh, internally, when I see players that spent a tonne of money on cosmetics. They die all the same.


I agree the content is expensive, but you kinda sound like one of those Fortnite kids who use the term Default as an insult.

As if I should be ashamed to have a default skin in other games…

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I spent the 10 bucks to have progression. Not ashamed but still not pleased either.
The Yoroi not being the one in all the trailers was appalling


I never played Fortnite, so I don’t know how default skin is an insult in that game or if you should be ashamed for that or not. And in this context I don’t exactly mean default. More Mark V, Mark VII and Yoroi with at the most items you get from the battle pass.

But wearing default in previous Halo games meant you just started playing the game. That wasn’t an insult. More that you were a rookie at the game. Where in Halo Infinite’s case it almost means you’re not giving into macrotransactions.


This is exactly why I was hoping there would be an armor set for beating the game on legendary. Something you could only earn and there would be no way to get it by just spending money.

Granted, it’s not confirmed there isn’t just yet. But everything coming out about cosmetics from campaign just points to emblems and coatings. Fingers crossed those are just items that can be found in the lockers and there’s actual armor that can be acquired from pulling off tough challenges.


This is such a sad post. And not in the way you want.

Long gone are the days of earning armour. Now you jus gotta get your wallet out!

I agree tho, when I see someone who has high level battle pass stuff, I just think straight away “what an idiot spending all that money” it’s even better when they are complete garbage at the game


I’m currently not at all bothered about the campaign…and as I Halo player since day one that it is a sad thing to say. What killed it for me is not being able to replay missions and not having co-op which take a lot of fun out if it.

I always play through Legendary and have that sense of accomplishment, but I don’t have any motivation to buy or play it at all right now. For the record, it’s not because there isn’t any “reward” at the end of it but because the way the whole game has been implemented has put a whole downer on it completely…saying that, if there was an exclusive Legendary armour for completing campaign then I would most likely jump right on it…because that’s the only sense of accomplishment that would be available in this game.


Every time I see someone in store armor I cringe a bit. No matter how cool it looks.


I have a great looking Spartan simply using unlocks from the $10 BattlePass and weekly challenges. I don’t even look at the store.


Did you really say

My god people.

Best way to do this is to slot credit earning into Events.
It keeps players coming back to earn the small amount of credits where they can spend on either armor pieces or to save up to buy a Premium Season Pass.

Example :
During Event Week, you can earn credits up to a cap (like maybe 500)
If you finish the Event Pass, you get another 500.
That’s 1000 and that’s one Season Pass. But it’ll take you a hella lotta time and effort.


I absolutely love it when I dominate a game in my default armor


If people are worried that 343 will not be earning money from this, then 343 can do what every other successful f2p game does : sell merch that confer ingame bonuses.

Warframe, FF14 and LoL sells statues and merch which come with ingame bonuses, and I’ll be sure to pick some of them up as a Halo fan if 343 does this too.


I’m just using MK VII with the platinum anniversary coating and that one chest plate you get in the battlepass early on. I really, really like it’s design and wish they had more armor for it.

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I really don’t believe that the great majority of those spending money care what you think.

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