The Final solution to playlists.

This is the final solution to the issue about playlists. Fix them. Halo 3 is the perfect example of the perfect playlist selections. It could entertain people if they were playing by themselves… With one buddy… With two buddies… With three buddies… With four buddies… Then 5+ buddies.
How did they do this you ask?
By yourself what was featured was
Lone Wolves (which they have Rumble Pit)
Team doubles (you and ONE buddy)
Multi-team(you and TWO buddies, this may have been 3v3v3v3 in Reach and not 3 but don’t quote me)
Team Slayer/MLG(You and THREE buddies which they do have which is pleasing!)
Social Slayer/Team Objective(You and FOUR buddies. Why they need this playlist is because when there is a group of 5 people… That is not enough quite to make a good strong group in btb as well as Warzone. But is perfect for social slayer; this playlist should comprise of the following; ATLEAST IF THEY ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE A SEPERATE TEAM SNIPER PLAYLIST) this playlist should consist of the game types of slayer:snipers:strongholds:ctf.

Look at the amount of players who genuinely loved Halo 3 and how many people it kept interesting was because it entertained the people who had 1 friend one two friends three friends on 4 friends on etc…

Please help #UpdatePlaylist343