the file share

Since the new update of the site I cant get my screen shots off so I can post them

if you are talking about halo 4, heres what you do.

  1. go to the up right corner and go to your profile.

  2. on your profile you choose " view service record", from there pick halo 4.

  3. once you are on the halo 4 service record, simply go to “more stats”

  4. you should now be redirected to a new page with all you’re halo 4 stats.

  5. on the left side it shows a bar which shows thing such “service record, war games, campaign and such” the one on the bottom it will say “file browser” pick that one.

  6. here you should be able to see other people file share and you can search, but there should also say “view your file share” click on that and you should find you’re stuff :smiley:

how do u access friends file share?

Ok exotic ssss how do i veiw my MCC screenShots

You Access The File Share By Clicking On Someones Player Card Or You Open Spartan Menu And Scroll Down To File Browser!

This Is In Relation To snook kee’s Post FYI