The few things I have issues with in halo 5

I see myself slowly going towards only playing ffa. My son and I love war zone and btb. The issue I am having is there seems to be a great number of Toons now so good with magum well any load out weapon they can hit me with every shot while beening very far away. Add in 3-4 of these types on one team makes for … times. I couldn’t tell you how many times I was killed inside a building as soon as I spawn. I hear my team mates saying just let them take over and kill the core to many with auto aim. Is this true? Is there so many that will cheat like this to win? I am no spring chicken. I know people will even cheat at single player games. I would think this would be more regulated.
That is why ffa has been more fun for me. There isn’t 3-4 people all perfectly shooting me. They have to deal with each other. Also since I am in bronze to silver. Those types of Toons tend to get into the higher ranked matches.

Also spawns… wth I have spawned and fallen to my death many times. I learned not to pick power weapons unit to go to a req center. I used profits bane and was spawned out side of the building and instance killed by a ghost running me over… sadly I lost a few higher end weapons this way. But some of that’s on me for thinking the game would spawn me in a safe place…

I am not a great player I love halo tho. So getting a tank out is a rare reward just to have it taking out with 1 nad…

Also… man just getting good stuff out of req. Packs I would love to have some of the more fun items to pop out in a game. But just getting the cert to give me a chance to get more then just 1 random weapon or something. Is redic. And well anything passed 6 …

And the real kicker is…split screen.i have 3 kids and we love playing against each other. I don’t know how many hours we have spent playing 4 player on halo 3 oust. (Side note I have 2 halo 3 olive green xboxs. 1 halo 4 xbox. And I refused to buy a xbox one until the halo 5 ed came out.) So the stats on this account doesn’t show all the time I have played. Lol I can hear some of you now. You played for how long on every halo game and you still suck donkeys? Ya I know this lmao

Well I will stop with the rambling. And I know my grammar isn’t all that. Been out of school for over 20 years lol.

I will end that I have been having alot of fun even with these issues.

Also can anyone be so kind to offer me a spot in there campaign thing? Guild? Lol what ever it’s called so I can get the req pack? U can kick me right after. All I want is the pack please and thanks


I haven’t had really any sever issues at all even on xmas. I think severs not reachable 4 times since I had it.

The only issue I’ve been having so far is joining a game in progress with your team having 1 single point, while the enemy team has all 3 bases and is ahead by 300 points.
I’m not kidding.

Yep been there done that. That’s when I break out weapons I suck badly at. Get some practice in.