The feel of it all

I do this a lot but, here goes. I’m going to post how halo feels to me, and why. I encourage you all to share.

I’ve been playing halo since early 2002, and just can’t stop. Some of the best games have this feel to it, this feeling of being a weapon. Against insurmountable odds, nerves of steel will prevail. I feel like a Spartan should.

Feeling like a Spartan might be the most important part of Halo, visually and gmeplay wise. You’re supposed to be this 7’2" half metric ton behemoth of humanity’s best and boldest. This is important to me because I am, in real life, not this capable. I’m barely 5’6" while standing straight up. I’ve had the misfortune to have had so many injuries that I can’t stand straight up anymore. I’ve torn so many muscles that my left leg and right arm feel more like burdens than limbs, my right arm actually ruins my skill at Halo. I’ve had a number of head wounds too, and can’t even think straight anymore. I can barely breathe due to allergy and trauma based Chronic Bronchitis.

In halo, I am none of this. I’m This monstrosity, capable and fearless. My durable body healed properly due to my augmentations and the UNSC’s ability to take care of me, something my father failed to do. this small body of Rowan Gallagher doesn’t matter in halo. There, I’m Rurik 527, a man who can act on my will, not held back by a damaged body. Shame he still inherited my mangled trigger finger.

I want to become a game designer. I don’t have the coding know how or modeling ability, nor do I have any management exerience. I believe my ability to visualize this feeling could give me something, maybe start an INDIE team. My imagination is my weapon, and halo was my inspiration.

I post this this here in halo 5’s board because halo 5 looks like it brings the feel of a spartan further than ever before. This went beyond my imagination and my private writings, and goes into a place where the fiction and the myth of this super human really comes into the world, a life of its own.

I would have to agree with you. The spartans seen in the gameplay of Halo 5’s prebeta slaps you in the face of just how badass these guys are. I’ve been waiting for spartans to be this “free” since after reading the books. Free in the way saying of how agile and brutal they really are. I am so far really pleased with what 343 has been doing with halo (excluding problems with MCC).

12/10 Would agree with you again.

Does agent Locke look a little too small to you in the MCC cutscenes? Like, look at the Multiplayer Spartans versus Locke. He doesn’t even lift!

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> Does agent Locke look a little too small to you in the MCC cutscenes? Like, look at the Multiplayer Spartans versus Locke. He doesn’t even lift!

Maybe because he has a more tactical suit? (Less bulky) Which gives the perception of him looking smaller.

Even though I don’t think some of the new features belong in halo, 10/10

I mean even the core of Locke looks smaller. Even if his armor is the reason, Mjolnir isn’t supposed to be smaller, which is another issue. Really, both look smaller than they should be, Locke looks too skinny, and the armor looks too thin.