the fate of Cortana?

Hey Guys,

I am unaware if this subject has been brough up already, if so I’m sorry but I was unable to find it.

One of my personal favorites, the clever sarcastic voice in the back of your head on halo missions.
personally I would really regret if she left the stage. But there hasn’t been any evidence that she will! Ofcourse Frankie implied that she is heading towards her inevitable rampancy but this does not mean her imminent death yet.

During the eight mission of halo 3, Cortana is already called rampant. Though. At the final stage, called the Metastability stage the AI becomes a true person. The AI is still usable though unpredictable.
Now there are 2 things that got my attention.
First of all. The Chief and Cortana arrive at a forerunner planet. There is a lot of technology here and the possibility of some Hugaroks. Just as in Glasslands these hugaroks could be direct descendants of the forerunners hugaroks. Perhaps Requiem could hold a solution of some sort to prevent of cope with the Rampancy?

Second. Cortana’s lifespan is already shortened due to the fact she absorbed a lot of information from alien technology. Such as when she was trapped on Installation 04 when Chief was on his way to save Capt. Keyes. But, when I was reading in Halsey’s journal I noticed something. On may third 2526, Halsey describes Rampancy In detail. She also describes she devised a new matrix strata that theoretically could extent the AI’s lifespan. But how much that is, of that she is uncertain.
Now, on May 21st 2549. 23 years later she started to create Cortana from her own clones. Usually they use dead people to generate AI’s. now she uses her own clones. Could a “fresh” brain, clone give an AI a longer lifespan? Later that year, on November 7th she actually created Cortana. She had 23 years to think of a way to increase an AI’s lifespan and Cortana would surely have any new things. As Halsey said, she is equipped with the best there is.

So, what do you guys and girls think? Could Cortana have a above average lifespan? Despite the technology and despite the flood?