Community? We, The competetive Halo Players NEED your help. I see 50+ thousand of you online each day possibly even more. Halo is being threatend to be taken off the Pro Circuit. In its place, you probably guessed it, CoD. Please I beg each and everyone of you to send a tweet to @MLGsundance that you want to keep Halo on the pro circuit. I know alot of you aren’t fond of us but we need your help. Keep Halo alive and thriving. I know more of you know about MLG then the CoD community does. So please keep this thread up. Once again please tweet @MLGsundance to keep Halo on the Circuit. Thank you!

Huh, I thougt everyone stoppped caring about MLG…

is taht teh arinas? bekas i dont liek teh arinas

About time Halo needs to get rid of the cancer that is MLG. Competition turned into stat padding,boosting, and cheating for ranks. Leave Halo as it was originally where winning the game was the only goal in terms of competition. Do away with matchmaking,true skill, and any ranking system once and for all.

I understand they would like to have reach removed, but … we’re not talking about Halo 4 are we?

wait what? is Halo about to get removed from MLG?
And isnt Halo more important in MLG than CoD? I know the focus on Halo is not as big now, but I thought that whas because of StarCraft 2.

OP, us tweeting him isn’t going to do anything. Sundance knows there’s a lot of competitive Halo fans, but Reach just wasn’t competitive; it was a bad game. If Halo 4 turns out well there’ll be nothing to worry about.

Maybe the new MLG playlist updates tomorrow (with zero bloom) will bring back some of the hype.

Eh…to me, Halo MultiPlayer has always been more about chaotic fun than competitiveness.