The Fall Of Reach not working : buy halo

I purchased the digital deluxe edition of halo 5 which comes with the fall of reach. Im sharing my home xbox with my girlfriend, and she isn’t able to watch it. When she goes to watch it simply says buy halo 5. She already has the animated series downloaded on her xbox. We tried uninstalling halo channel, uninstalling the animated series, and reinstalling everything. Nothing seems to work. The actual game plays fine and so do the warzone packs, but fall of reach wont play. We had this issue back with nightfall when MCC came out. If tech support or a dev could get back to me on this that would be great.

what do you get for buy Spartan figures???

A lot of people are having this issue, I would wait a little while longer for them to release some kind of patch/update to fix the issue.

Is anyone still having this issue. Because I still am

I am having this issue. What’s Up Microsoft?