The falcon sucks

Why do people want specially a falcon? It may be good in reach but here that thing would be destroyed. Even if it is as the one with the pilot’s torret it would suck anyway. Even with the extra sits to be a “transport” vehicle it would not make it, this isnt battlefield in which maps are very big, un halo 5 maps are not that big, and you can go wherever you want with sprint. Even if 343i made it and tested ir they would have discovered that it was -Yoink-. And they would change it, later people will be complaining that “no that is not the falcon, falcon doesnt look like that” ," OMG 343i always likes to add their twists to everyting", “OMG its called memories of reach, why did they give us something that is not”, " we asked for a falcon, not a -Yoink-" , seriously what is wrong with these people? And if they copy pasted the falcon people would have said that they are a bunch of lazies that they cant think on new stuff and another bunch of people complaining that the falcon is bad. Complain about things that are needed. Not for things of a 2011 game. They never promised a falcon.


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> False.


I’ve always been confused by it too. Everyone wants the Falcon specifically, even before MoR was name-dropped.

You’re wrong and your opinion is wrong.

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> You’re wrong and your opinion is wrong.

Well lets read your opinion…
O wait

I agree, the falcon is a lame as -Yoink- vehicle, i don’t get why everyone gets a haloboner over it. I would rather have a -Yoinking!- Spectre instead of a falcon. That’s how useless of a vehicle it is.
It’s just all the Reach kids who are buttmad nobody cares about their favorite game

Completely agree, there is always somebody complaining about the game. Sure I’m disappointed that the falcon is not in the game, but I will suck it up . Everybody here is lucky they even have enough to eat, yet have an Xbox with H5. There are millions of people that want H5 but might not be able to get it because of some restrictions. And here are everybody complaining about everything possible. (343i haters/Bungie fanboys, Bungie haters/343i fanboys, No-sprint activists) the list goes on and on…

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> They never promised a falcon.

well josh holmes did tweet ‘we might bring a unsc air-vehicle’, which many took for granted. And u can’t really blame them, when the head of 343 industries writes something like that, it’s more or less a confirmation.

As long as there were no tanks, it was actually really effective, it just required teamwork. But then looking at what 343i has done with my warthog and I kinda have to agree with you.

Well, if the Falcon was included you would never have to use it or could just sell your REQ cards if you got one. Having options doesn’t actually hurt the game.

The Falcon and Spire seemed to be the biggest requests (aside from Infection) when MoR was announced, but I always had some concern over how it would be balanced in the H5 sandbox. If anything it would have been relegated to BTB and even then the Arena seems to be a secondary concern to 343i’s development cycle. Hell, I was hoping for a new iteration of Warzone Assault to parallel Invasion from Reach, if ever there was a time to implement that Memories of Reach would be the time.

Dealing with the sandbox, the falcon could have easily been built with a shield that could be activated by the player if it detects a lock on or emp shot. Again that shield would be built not to be abused, not over activated and falcon would sustain lesser damage. that would compensate for the lack of mobility versus other flying vehicles.

I agree, 1 high five shot, or 1 splaser shot, or banshee ultra, hannibal mantis/scoprion and it’s done for the falcon. The only aero unsc vehicle (that has been used in gameplay) that would survive in warzone is the F-41 Broadsword.