The F2P model is a pathetic attempt of excuse to drain money from real halo fans and those who actually bought the game

Let’s be honest guys, Halo infinite is not for everyone, 343 know this and they just decide to introduce the worst monetization system We’ve seen in a long time to drain the money they need from people that actually are fans of the franchise and those who bought the campaign with the pathetic attempt of excuse of the FP2 model, most F2P people doesnt care about the game at all, they Don’t contribute to the game or the community they just play a couple of times and gone, this model works in other games but is never gonna work in halo infinite because is a niche game. halo infinite have so many great features that we wanted from the original trilogy, but thats just us, in “modern gaming” halo infinite is just another FPS in the market that most people Doesn’t care at all. the F2P model is the worse thing ever happend to halo in the history of the franchise

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Personally hate the cat ear helmet I just rage quit if it’s on my team not sorry


Good thats why i bought them. Snowflakes

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All 343/Microsoft had to do was compromise.

When I look back at how Halo 5 was set up with the rec packs that players could earn rec points. IMO that worked a hell of a lot better for the player base vs what is being offered now.


I have to agree with this. As of now F2P as done more harm than good to the game.


this is gaming now. and it’s extremely profitable. it won’t go away in our lifetimes.

343 is not going to stop the money train until they kill the franchise altogether…Which they’re doing very well.

Just give us an option to pay 60USD to gain access to an actual progression system, get the ability to mix and match coatings, armor pieces, visor colors, etc. and unlock all season content with the progression system. Boom. Problem solved.

Make the progression grindy so it still incentivize people to pay some bucks for an armor piece or set and skip a level, but we absolutely don’t have to.

Battlepass content can stay separate.

Special coatings like gold, carbon fiber, chrome, you name it, can be available in the store
Same for special visors and extra armor effects
Unique items like cat ears, pineapple nades, flowers, etc can also be extra armors that can only be bought in the store, but only unique/less realistic ones.

Forge can be part of the 60 dollar package. I wouldnt mind to pay for forge personally.

Man I just want pay for a normal experience