The excessive quitting is starting to take a toll on my enjoyment

I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed so many players quitting matches in Halo than I have with Infinite. Every match I’ve played it’s almost guaranteed someone is going to quit and it really leaves my team at a disadvantage for not only obvious reasons but the fact that the bots make it worse. They’re just a free kill for the opposing team or they will completely screw up in objective modes by picking up the odd ball and giving it to the opposing team. And it’s like that for the whole game because matchmaking can’t find us another teammate to replace the bot. Why have bots to begin with if they just make the game worse?

But the reasons for people quitting are apparent. No one wants to play the OBJ modes therefore they don’t play the objective as well as they should, they start losing as a result and then they just quit. And there is no reason to not quit because the 50xp reward at the end is meaningless and there are no consequences to quitting all of the time anyway. And so, we’re left with our current predicament. I think the main way to combat quitting is obviously penalties put in place on those who quit, but it’s array of issues from the progression system and the lack of modes that also play a role in all of it.

It feels like the only way to casually enjoy Infinite at this point is just in BTB where one dude quitting ain’t the end of the world due to the number of players. But for those seeking the Arena experience? Quickplay is just terrible for when you want to just chill.

This game is so much fun gameplay-wise. I would go so far to say that it’s almost the perfect Halo game in that regard. But it has so many other issues outside of it based on 343’s decisions that have built up to the point it sours the experience.

I personally believe it’s because of a combination between the inability to select what you want to play plus the challenges. With challenges being the only current way to progress, if someone only needs to get kills with say the Commando and they end up on a map with a game type that acquiring a Commando is gonna be slow/hard, they’re gonna quit.

I forgot about challenges playing a role as well. With match completions basically rewarding nothing, people are just hopping from one match to the next trying for the opportunity to complete their challenges and then bail. The game is ultimately designed against completing matches and it’s just disappointing.

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