The Evolution of Halo - Space

I was playing long night of solace, and once I reached the part in the mission where you land your saber on top of the covenant cruiser, I noticed how all the lighting, graphics, sound, and overall aesthetics just seemed to be perfect in that moment. The realism and depth of deep space around you, the giant human frigate orbiting the cruiser you’re on. Honestly, I don’t think any game has done aliens better than Halo, and that level really sang true for me. This is before you actually enter the cruiser, it is when the savannah (not sure if that’s the right spelling) is orbiting the cruiser and elites with jet packs are coming out above the shielded floor. Honestly, this particular moment in the level (even the entire level in general) was nothing like we’ve seen in halo before. I realized recently however, IMO, if halo were ever to change drastically, I would want it to be like that level. Involved with space, exploration…I may be one of the few that actually loved the art direction and graphics of Reach. That level…is just amazing. It felt like the new Halo, it felt real to me, real to the story. Go play that level again, alone, and try to absorb as much of it as possible. See if you agree at all. I know this may seem weird but to me that level was like a small taste of what the perfect Halo game would be like. In that level, I think Bungie did something incredibly right.

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I totally agree, but this might get moved to the Reach or General Discussion forums.

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OT: I agree. Long Night of Solace was one of my favorite, if not my favorite level of Reach.