The Event has killed my interest to play any further

To summarise my argument, you’ve become the very thing you swore to destroy.

Inspite of the fact that once we own a battle pass and may progress in our own time, these limited time events compel players to play the game even though the whole point of halo’s BP was to remove making the game feel like a chore.

I’d be fine with events, but locking progression behind challenges? Yeah no thanks… basically it sounds like they want the progression to only be accessible to sweats and the tryhards.

What about the casual audience? Your challenge system is punishing me for being bad at the game! Further more, most challenges are “chance based” to complete. For example;
Get a double kill, there is NO guarantee that I’ll ever find two enemy players close enough to each other for this to count! And in a game mode like Fiesta, the odds of me spawning with a half decent weapon to get said double kill is pathetic…

Oh don’t get me started about not being able to fully complete the event in one week. I’d be fine with purchasing the event pass, but oh no, can’t do that either. Heck, all I want is the Yoroi armor core, but I can’t purchase that, but I CAN purchase attachments for it.

I seriously hope that when the Campaign releases we’ll at least get some PvE challenges to help progress the battle pass, or perhaps even some PvE dedicated modes. I just want to chill and have fun, not feel like just playing the game is a chore! Which if you remember, is what annoyed people about battle passes in the first place! Don’t punish my enjoyment because I don’t have many hours to play the game, and I certainly don’t have the $15 to purchase every single store bundle you flash in my face.

If you guys want to actually make a profit from this game, you need to make some SERIOUS changes!!!


“Actually make a profit”
I can assure you, they will make a profit.
The complaint here, is that instead of minimal effort for some items, and a lot of effort for other items, they all have the same progression, yes? I feel the same way over certain items, but at the same time I get their reasoning for making it how they did.
Now, the events are not only a single week. They are multiple weeks through out the battle pass in which they are released in. (as far as I can tell) This means, that if you are unable to finish this one in the week you are given, it will rerelease in a few weeks, and you can continue from your previous starting point. This is more than likely to allow more than just people who are playing during the holiday a chance to get the items. Wouldn’t you be a bit upset if they did not allow anyone else to ever get these items, except maybe next year at the same time? What if people travel every thanksgiving week? Or work? Jesus Christ, all I see are complainers thinking about themselves, and not actually taking a second to look at this entire thing from the perspective of the devs, or other people. Tssk tssk.

As someone who has actually worked in game development, I respect that, I understand where the devs are coming from, so for what reason do they need to release such a predatory monetisation system if Halo itself already has a very positive playerbase? I’d happily pay for certain items, but event items like the Yoroi core aren’t purchasable and instead locked behind a “skill wall”, if Im not good enough at the game to do the challenges required, then I’m no longer able to unlock the armor.

Part of my argument was calling for PvE challenges, even if for like in MCC where you need to Kill X number of Elites or something like that. ANYTHING would at least provide me the opportunity to unlock these without the monotonous stress of online PvP, something that has turned me away from recent games. It doesn’t help when there’s no game mode filter, I can’t choose to play certain modes, I HAVE to play certain gamemodes because I’m forced, not by choice.

Believe me, I WANT these guys to profit from this game, it just baffles me that they made such strange design choices.

Either the higher ips or Microsoft had a hand that choice dev team had to follow