The Evade Ability ( Reach) is Better Than The Thruster Pack Ability (H4) WHY?

Why is Evade Ability better in Reach Better Than The Thruster Pack Ability in Halo 4. You would think they would be the same in each game. Not to consistent if you ask me. :frowning_face:

The Evade Ability thrusts you forward furthur than the Thruster Pack. I did a test with Thruster Pack. I had a friend run next to me and he was able to keep up with me. No Problem! Bummer! :frowning_face:

They basically nerfed half of the abilities from Reach into 4.
Armor lock>Hardlight
Drop shield>Regen Field
Jetpack>Worse jetpack

But yeah I agree, Evade is terrible in 4, it goes almost nowhere and the camera change is really jarring.


Honestly I find the hardlight shield to be quite useful. It’s OP but not TOO op y’know? As for the regen field, massive downgrade, but the jetpack? While I prefer Reach’s jetpack because it balances out, 4’s jetpack is definitely an upgrade, but maybe not a needed one.

Ya I agree! The Evade works great in Halo Reach but it really sucks in Halo4. Maybe they should use the same settings in Reach and put them them in Halo 4.

Well . . . that maybe It’s to easy to fix! Like I stated before no consistency! :rofl:

4’s jetpack flies straight up without stopping for a lesser amount of time, While Reach’s flies up with a cap, but can do so for longer.
I suppose I do like the mechanic’s of Halo 4’s better for regular gameplay, but it sure is ugly.

Oh yeah, 4’s jetpack is quite unsightly, and I prefer Reach’s Jetpack.