The Enemy in the trailer

SO yeah what is that hawk forerunner sentinel thing ? could it be a ship for didact or a new race ?

Heard it’s a War Sphinx

More than likely a War Sphynx. Or however you spell it. Could be interesting. Looks like the Promethean-Covenant Alliance have a lot of new Forerunner toys to play with… Where are the eggheads when you need them?

Looked more like wings, would guess a Promethean Phoenix, if there ever was one. Closest yet is Sphinx, and that’s the only thing we got to go on?

A War Sphinx piloted by the Didact maybe?

A Seeker

> A Seeker

This is what I think it is. The Seeker is a much newer version of the War Sphinx.

> Heard it’s a War Sphinx

Nice to see some people not posting butthurt comments everywhere over the new trailer eh? :slight_smile:

Definitely a Seeker, it’s wider.

I hope it will be an AI/scripting hybrid like the Scarab rather than being completely scripted like the Lich.

I also hope it won’t be relegated to cutscenes. 343i, it must be a boss battle!

I don’t care if it ends up being a damage sponge, as long as we have that sandbox feel that was in Halo 2.

While I’m hopeful for allies, it’d make sense for Chief to fight this thing alone.

> Heard it’s a War Sphinx