The Endless are machines

If they are then I think their more a techno organic machine given their appearance

Interesting theory, AI could be a way to help understand neural physics, the “magic” of the Halo universe.

I think the Endless are either a brand new species to Halo with a whole new agenda or they are the Precursors re-evolved into a new form. Either way it’s gonna take some great writing to make this all work.

I don’t think they are the same species. The symbol on her cylix is different (even closed as you can see it in one of the outposts as a hologram) and if they were the same species, why wasn’t she hidden together with them?
I think they are separate species, but she may have been a servant of the Endless.
If the Endless are avatars of Precursors, why were they even indexed in the first place, given the history?

There are a lot of things that will need explanation, like how the Silent Auditorium was supposedly destroyed and still has cylixes when rebuilt.

I’m glad the story included Banished scavenging an using UNSC weapons surprised the bandit Jackals ironically don’t use are weapons. Very pleased with the thunder skull in this gane

The only reason I can think of is for Plot. As well, the mission description for the Silent Auditorium does state “Their enemy reveals the Auditorium was where the Forerunners passed judgement upon her species, the Endless…” Whether they are also Xalanyn (as the name of the actual species) or not, the Endless and the Harbinger are of the same.

I certainly don’t think they’re machines, and as a friend and I were discussing that they all bear that “symbol” could be a way to erase them from memory, not even granting them an image.

As to the Silent Auditorium, if I’m understanding correctly it was the courtroom. The area where the cylixes were stored was elsewhere.

OK, I missed that description. Still is odd to me why her cylix would then have a different symbol as well if they’d want her entire species erased from memory. It’s quite the mistake for the Forerunners to make.

The entire area of the ring around that building was destroyed, as was it apparently. I think it’s kind of odd to see all those cylixes around the final boss arena with symbols. I mean, you can destroy a hard drive and rebuild it from its scrap or buy a new one, but the data is gone…

Yeah, I had to go to the mission markers and double check it myself. In-game she does refer to their whole trial process by saying “We”, but that’s also easy to miss.

The only thing I can really think of for the difference in their cylixes is plot. It’s a thin theory, I know, but it’s all I’ve got so far.

Are they in the final area? I thought it was only visible from the cutscene. I’ll have to check that as soon as I’m able, since mission select will be coming much later. But I was under the impression that the area Atriox unlocked was separate from the Auditorium.

They are different cylixes and yes, I would assume the cylixes Atriox unlocks are in a different part of the ring.

But yeah, there’s quite a few “plot armor” things going on in this game, like Chief being in space for 6 months when previously Mjolnir life support was something around 90 minutes. At some point, the suit capabilities become even more fiction over science-fiction than they ever were before.

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Yeah… That didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me either. I doubt GEN3 has on-board cryogenics to it’s “survival mode”, but that would at least add some level of believability.

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