The Endless are machines

New theory, The Endless are Machine based lifeforms. I think the Harbinger is not an Endless. Her cylix was very clearly different. Maybe there is something to this. All the other cylix’s look like the thing they hold within them. If we assume that maybe the endless look like there symbol as well then maybe they look something like a sentinel.

This would also explain how they can survive the Halo’s. The Halo’s destroy life with nerve systems. If they are machines then they wont have a nerve system. We already know that machines such as Guilty Spark and Despondent Pyre are sentient.

Also the series as a whole may be leaning toward this. Think about Halo 4 and how the Composer was a key plot device and how it digitized people. Additionally Cortana an AI in Halo 5 took over everything. What if she learned of the existence of the Endless through the domain and sought them out because like her they were artificial life forms.

As to the Harbinger, maybe she was a precursor of some form. Maybe the Endless use to be precursors before they took machine form and decided to change there name. Being that they are machines and artificial intelligences they could in theory be “endless”. One theme of Halo Infinite was reoccurring cycles and patterns. Maybe Cortana is not the first AI to try and take over the Galaxy, maybe the endless were.

Lastly in the after credits scene they discuss time being a construct they could not control. Interestingly there are numerous shows like Devs, Foundation and games like Assassins Creed, and Destiny that explore the idea of calculating out the future. Its the idea that with enough information and enough computing power you can input every variable in life and use that to calculate out and simulate every possible future.

In Devs they make a computer that can do this, in Foundation a mathematician calculates an oncoming dark age in the future. In Assassins creed the Isu calculate out all possible futures and leave recordings so detailed and accurate that to the viewer it seems they are having a conversation when in reality the recording just predicted everything the viewer would say and responded in kind. In Destiny the Vex are artificial life forms. They calculate out all possible futures and make simulations so detailed that they are indistinguishable from reality.

What if along these lines the Forerunners were worried about this hyper advanced machine race that was on the verge of being able to calculate out the future. If they could they would in a sense “control time”. The Forerunners could have been worried that if the Endless could connect to the Domain they would have essential unlimited information and computing power to calculate whatever future they desired.

Anyway that’s my theory, let me know what you all think.


Interesting theory. Maybe there’s more to Cortana’s line:

“If you knew how you were going to die, would you live your life differently?”


I don’t know if you mean that in the larger sense of what I wrote, but that is a good point. I always thought that when she said that she was referring to going rampant after 7 years and being deleted.

Alternatively maybe in having access to the domain she too was able to calculate out her future. I think it would be hard to sell that in writing as a plot device though. Trying to argue she had to do the things she did because she foresaw a larger conflict and was trying to prepare the galaxy for it would be a bit of a stretch, but its very possible.

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The Endless are a race of aliens that can control time, how?

Name: Endless because they can control time

Atriox: Because his world was destroyed so he would employ them to reverse it, why else would he bring back just another race as powerful as the forerunners, what just to control the universe?, Atriox hates slavery!

So why start introducing time travel in the Halo Universe? Duh they want a Infinity ending where characters long gone come back, it’s sad that they would do this :pensive:

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Time travel… Master Chief and Atriox being stuck in the past of the Forerunner Food wars so The Endless can get revenge? O will I guess it’s just not to be.

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So the Endless are a bit like the Transformers, which are also metal based life.

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I guess I was thinking it could be a form of foreshadowing. The Endless knew what was going to kill them off, but they were instead able to change the outcome.

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I don’t think the point of bringing them back is to control the universe. I think Atriox hates humanity because he blames them for his home worlds destruction. Humans created Cortana and thus are to blame. I think he is bringing back the Endless to try and destroy humanity.

I don’t think they are trying to introduce time travel. It would really mess up Halo if they did. Time travel is very hard to pull off in a narrative that doesn’t have holes, or creates multiple universes or so on. I do think they are trying to bring in the concept of calculating the future in an effort to control it though.

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I think this is very possible. Either they are metal based, or they were once organic and got to the point where they uploaded there minds to machines, or a digital framework. This would be very similar to the Domain the Precursors created, and the Forerunners protected. Imagine if instead of just an AI like Cortana that an actual full highly intelligent awareness harnessed the Domain. It would allow them to have incredible control of the galaxy.

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But the legendary ending sounds like it’s implying that not to mention the Endless look like clocks

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It might be implying time travel. I guess I am just hoping that they aren’t implying that. I really don’t think time travel would help the Halo universe, if anything it would hurt it. The Forerunner specifically refers to not allowing them to control the construct of time. This could mean time travel, but it could also mean being able to manipulate the future. If you can calculate all possible futures then you can move variables in place to pick an outcome that is in your favor. That would essentially allow the Endless to “control time” at least the future.

Also excellent point about the way they look like clocks, I laughed at that, but in a way you are very right.


It’s not just the three days time jump or the Endless talking about time travel or Atriox legendary ending. There’s some really weird ambient dialogue and metaphors in the world about Time, the ring being an Oroborus where time is a cycle comes up as a metaphor by several characters, warnings being left on the ring before it’s construction, even the radio Grunt makes an out of place mention of going back in time to get rid of all the bad human names. Plus there were out of nowhere rumours before the game came out about time travel being involved. It’s just a little bit much to totally dismiss outright. Of course an enemy with power over time is a bigger threat than the Flood; it would be pretty silly if they’re just squid aliens with pew pew guns.

Plus somebody on another topic pointed out that apparently the third Marathon game had a similar bonkers plot involving time travel and a multiverse.

It’s also incredibly weird that they made the Banished mostly wear Covenant armour and have Covenant dialogue. Only a few enemies actually have full Banished regalia. Is that because we might be time travelling to when other versions of the Covenant exist?

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Lol ya her minions were easy to kill (I hope they weren’t children :cold_sweat:)

Nah it’s cuz people like the old art style better and maybe the banished are not as well equipped as we think, the covenant and humans were advancing in technology because of fighting each other while the banished were just pirating and re coloring distinguishing themselves apart from the Covenant

But ya I knew 343i was going to do this infinity war style (the name infinite) because Marvel pulled it off so well, what’s probably going to happen is some how Master Chief will try to convince a Endless to help him and bring back all the comrades who died at Zeta Halo and do a giant class with Atriox who also brought back his dead which at this point made me sad because it basically means everything that lead to the ending of the game is meaningless and all the foes we kill will come back :expressionless:


I think they could be doing Terminator if it’s Time Travel.

Atriox wants to stop Skynet being built and Judgement Day for his planet. So he goes back in time for either Halsey or Cortana. Chief goes back as well to stop this.


Omg :scream: that’s awesome :clap:


You make a good point. I just think its incredibly out there for them to incorporate time travel into the series when there was no presence of it in any other aspect of Halo lore. If anyone could do it then the Precursors would be the first, with the Forerunners being a close second.

That being said the aspect of this ring in particular being different is true. It was the only ring from the original 12 rings that were built. A large number of humans made villages and “cities”. The last Precursor the Primordial spent time in this ring and was killed on this ring.

Also in the books when Guilty Spark finds the Librarian she discusses with him how there are endless cycles throughout time that allows the universe to rebalance itself. The Forerunners knew the universe itself to be “living” in a way. She told Guilty Spark that there would be future versions of herself, of the Didact, and other key figures.

If we take all this together and also consider that science itself believes in the possibility of traveling to the future than I would submit that maybe they are going in that direction. Time travel to the past has always been bonkers and raises a ton of questions, but traveling to the future is not so out there.

As to the regalia the Banished wear I think that is primarily because they are made up of remnants of the Covenant. In Halo 5 we witness the final destruction of what was the Covenant. With them gone it allowed Atriox and his Banished to absorb whatever remained into his army.

Lastly though I’ll give credence to your ideas of time travel and parallel universes in that 343 industries has said that the Halo TV show is not in the main canon. They said that it is considered being in the “silver time line”. So the show will be different from everything we know. They haven’t outright said it isn’t cannon, they’ve said it is cannon just another universes cannon. There is also the Tenrai event for multiplayer. The Samurai armor we get is said to come from another universe. So it could all very well be that they are including time travel and alternate realities into the story going forward. I just really hope this isn’t the case.


Great we are playing Doom now lol

I mean that’s the thing. Why would 343 take the creative risk of Time Travel when, so far as I can tell, the talk is of spiritual reboots and keeping things safe. Time travel is way more out there than Cortana taking the galaxy over.

You could do some fun things with Time Travel and I do maintain the Endless need to be more than just talk. It’s really odd that we’re making a big deal out of floating baby squids and six :scream::scream::scream: Banished Dreadnoughts when the last villain conquered the galaxy in a day and was blowing planets up.


I agree that some fun things could be done. You could have some nostalgia with Johnson and Keys. But like you said its a big creative risk in a time when they want to keep things safe. That is why I think they aren’t going for full on time travel.

I think the idea of controlling the future through forecasting data with the use of the Domain makes since. I even think that they might try and push the narrative lines and do time travel to the future, but not the past. Chief was seemingly transported 3 days into the future, which goes along with what science currently believes is possible.

They think going to the future is possible, but not the past. Maybe 343 wants to incorporate time travel along these lines in an effort to try and maintain realism. Of course you can throw that out too for the simple matter of this being a sci-fi series where anything can really be done.

At the same time we could all be seriously wrong on this, and its not about time travel, but rather Chief stopping time travel. Maybe the Endless were on the verge of harnessing time travel and the Forerunners stopped them before they had what they needed. This would allow the narrative to incorporate the fear of the possibility of changing the past without actually going down the time travel route.

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I believe the Endless to be a faction of the Xalanyn, the species that the Harbinger is. Akin to the Covenant or the Banished.

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