The End Of Halo Is Nigh

One second respawn, spartan points, spartan ops, joining in game, weapons in random drop spawns, custom loadouts, this fall, HALO WILL DIE. 343i have, for some strange reason, ignored the demands of the community. Nobody can deny that halo reach was a broken game, a game that was becoming more like cod to appeal to all the 8 year olds, but what 343 is doing with halo 4 is rediculous. spartan ops = spec ops, even just changing the name would make a difference, spartan OPS??!! really? you couldent think of a better name than that? custom loadouts = OHIWONDERWHERETHEYGOTTHATIDEAFROMcoughCODcough this is frustrating that such a series is going to end in this 1 aweful game, what the hell is the need for custom loadouts? who the hell asked for this??! the fans want halo as it used to be, fair, competitive, an alternitive to cod that isnt full of whineing 8 year olds. we dont want a game deep in customisation, thats more fast paced with instant respawns or with joining in game as a result of people that quit early, 343 have done everything the community asked them not to and its paving the way to the end of halo.

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