The End of an Epoch [Goodbye H3, ODST, Reach, and H4]

Today is a very sad day for the Halo community. The last servers for some of our favorite titles have come to an end. I remember my first time booting up Halo 3 with that iconic start up and menu screen. Multiplayer was a blast, playing my first match in BTB with my step brother and I driving around a warthog on Valhalla as an enemy player was on our gunner seat. It was truly a special moment. And who could forget playing ODST for the first time, the smooth jazz playing as a text scroll described the time and place. I could go on and on about all of these games, Reach and Halo 4 as well. But I think what’s special is we all have our own special moments and memories we cherish from these amazing games.

To those like me who’ve played them for years: I want to thank you for every match you played and for helping give all of us an amazing experience together as a community.

To those who didn’t get to experience these games back when they first came out: I encourage you to hop on MCC and experience the closest thing you can to what those games were like. While it can’t truly capture the magic those games had first booting them up, it does serve as a platform to be able to play those games seamlessly.

If anyone is still holding out on the servers: good luck to you. I don’t know if people are able to, but if you are, I wish you all the best. Finish this fight, and send them out with a bang!


lol, isn’t all that in the MCC?

community is ridiculous man

Same to you bro. It was the end of an era. Those of us who know, know it well.


Your ridiculous if you think MCC is just like the originals. MCC lacks playlists, lacks many maps from reach. It’s not the same in any measure of the word.



  • Missing pregame lobbies
  • Missing a bunch of maps (I can’t remember the last time I played Slayer on Hemorrhage or Spire, or an objective on Abridged or Mt Lam Lam)
  • Missing vote/veto
  • Missing vanilla Reach gametypes
  • Missing Party Up option

Vote/Veto was terrible. It made what could have been a variety of experiences into the same 5 things all the time. No opportunities to play more obscure things or modes/maps needed for achievements, etc. I’m glad MCC just chooses one.

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I have a question. As someone who has only played one Reach BTB match on the MCC (and got some weird map called Brick), I’m curious to know if all of the Forge World maps from OG Reach made it over (Abridged, Delta Facility, Mt. Lam Lam, Rasu, Trident, Wayont, etc.)?

I can’t speak for the other maps but if you play invasion in mcc spire comes up pretty frquently. I agree with your other points as well. MCC is not perfect by any means but coming from someone who used to play H2 and H3 back in the day I do enjoy playing the games now on MCC.

I can’t speak for Reach and H4 because I never played those games at their peak but I have enjoyed my experiences with those games on MCC. MCC is not perfect by any means but at least you can still continue to play the legacy games online.

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I’m not I like the voting maps More ways to play the game instead of being forced to pick whatever I often get maps I hate or don’t like on MCC same with game modes & This is coming from an original Halo fan since CE.


A few did, but not all. Rasu is in. I think I might have seen Delta Facility once or twice, but I’ve never seen Abridged, Mt Lam Lam, or Wayont.

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I was talking about BTB Slayer. In OG Reach you used to get Spire and Boneyard, as well as their Heavies variants. But they’re missing from MCC BTB. It’s frustrating because Spire and Hemorrhage were my favorite maps for BTB Slayer.

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I don’t play BTB too much but I have played on breakpoint. I don’t know many of the other maps by heart but 343 does need to improve the rotation