The end is near, Reach has been our home, but why.

For all you guys that played Halo Reach, tell me what amazed you, you didn’t like, you missed, how many times did you play the campaign, and (for the guys that didn’t do online for any amount of time before online.) what rank did you finish off. for those that played the campaign: your rank tells how much pain you guys went through. Me: The armor system: that really amazed me because i am a customizer, i focus more on appearance than anything else, though as of late that is almost a lie. The sacrifices: they really hit me because Reach is my game. I’ll miss the game itself, it will make me cry for sure. I played the campaign 11 times now (even after all these years it still takes a chunk of my soul with it). My final rank was Warrant Officer Grade 1. When it comes down to it, I’ll do whatever it takes to be one of the last Nobles standing, and if I be last (gotta believe) I’m gonna walk through some old worlds that we played and then play the whole campaign on legendary in everyone’s Honor. Someone once told me: “Reach has been good to me, times come to return the favor.” He also told me to make it count, well… did we? did we make our time on Reach count?

We absolutely did make it count! The love for Reach has been and will always be enormous. I personally loved this Halo game for lots of reasons. The gritty story was absolutely amazing, as were the characters and the dialogue. Like they literally said, from the beginning you know the end, well you could feel that all the way through the story, slowly getting worse and worse as it progressed and Noble Team members were lost one by one. There was an epic feeling when they first realized that the Covenant was on Reach and Winter Contingency was declared, and that there was tough times ahead. Unfortunately for Noble they weren’t aware how tough it was going to be, and Carter’s heroic death just epitomized what they went through and what they were all willing to do for Reach. All in all I’d say the story is my favorite part of the game, however there is a lot more about it that I loved.

I spent a lot of time playing multiplayer online, and I think I might have played through the story completely around 4 times, but I played individual missions a lot just randomized. I have played through it once on MCC too, and right now I am in the process of playing it again there. I was able to make it to max rank (Inheritor) mostly through playing online, and I loved the thorough customization ability and options, and it was so good to be able to finally don the Haunted Helmet.

It’s always great to come across another fellow Reach fan. Good luck in your attempt to remain until the end.

“Time to go to work Noble”.

Crazy how “Remember Reach” has a whole new meaning now.

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> Crazy how “Remember Reach” has a whole new meaning now.