The end game REQ we all want!

So I was sitting on my couch grinding at some warzone and I was thinking about the upcoming DLC’s that Halo 5 is going to have. I was thinking of the new mantis we were teased for “Ghosts of Meridian”. I was betting with my roommates that we will seen Emile’s old school EVA skull helmet and massive knife as a mythic armor set in “Memories of Reach” and debating about the rest.

But the thing we could not come to a conclusion on is what would happen after to the req system after everything is released and certain players have all of the reqs in the game? As I was thinking this I had an epiphany. Why not give us access to the ultimate easter egg of all time… THE SCARAB GUN. The OG plasma rifle that shoots out over powered death. Yes this would be an over powered gun by far and would reck anything in war zone but here are some ideas to balance it out.

  1. Create a new tier of REQ called “Godlike” or something along those lines, you could change the background color to red or something and make it look super ancient.
  2. Make this REQ certification only unlockable if you are over level 100 or something along those lines.
  3. Once you unlock the certification you do NOT get any weapon, not the normal get three of it.

Bonus for players: Give us a reason to actually rank up and continue to play the game on all aspects, I’ve us a reason to want to get REQ points after we have everything unlocked because unlocking just one scarab gun would be insanely rare.

Bonus for 343: Keep player traffic up and keep a strong community, people will continue to purchase REQ packs long after the DLC’s have been released to hunt down this one REQ card over and over.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this over and I hope 343 has something awesome in store for us in the future, keep up the amazing work!


and here I thought you were going to suggest automatic holograms that -Yoink!- everyone who is dead at the end of the match.

what about an ODST squad that appears out of no where

Yeah it would be super OP but to even get this would be lucky and it would only be at the end of a war zone match anyway.

I would have it half way through the match if this existed

Forerunner Combat Skin!

I wouldn’t mind some form of final req that you can get that’s full of goodies to keep us grinding just a little bit longer.

Perhaps a REQ tier that unlocks in the final 100 points of a match? Scarab Gun, Juggernaught Hammer (with Overshield), and stuff like that?